Tallinn University of Technology

Are you a student and looking for an internship or just interested in what sort of offers companies put out? Then take part in this year’s Internship Café | Praktikakohvik, where you can find your dream internship or be introduced to the possibilities and potential employers! This year the event will be taking place virtually on Discord. 

We’ll be setting up channels for every company taking part, so anyone interested can join a channel and listen in on what’s being offered or discussed.

If you’ve never had any experience using Discord, don’t fret we have a short tutorial underway.

Soon we'll add a complete list of companies that will be taking part. Due to the event hosting mostly Estonian firms, we'll mention which of them have English speakers.

Internship Café is mostly for IT majors. However, that is not a prerequisite. Even if you’ve never had experience regarding IT, don't be discouraged. You never know, maybe you’ll get some inspiration for the future!

The event is organized by TalTech’s Student Council of the School of IT.

Also, check out our Student Council's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ituk.taltech/