Tallinn University of Technology

Create the winning app design and win a 3D printer! Registration is now open.

NB! All deadlines and times in this article are in Central European Summer Time (CEST), which means that Estonian time is 1 hour ahead.


EuroTeQ Engineering University is looking for an app to reach out to its students and collect their feedback in a continuous and fun way. The app should include elements of gamification and should allow us to collect feedback and share lessons learnt with targeted groups that use the app.

The app is supposed to be engaging and should make students enthusiastic about participating continuously. One way of using gamification is introducing a friendly competitive element to the app. Think of a set of triggers that use university and regional pride to facilitate exchanging ideas and feedback competitively.

Our motto: Dare to make it fun!

What the app should look like is up to you! Teams will have 24 hours to develop a design idea and a pitch to show their idea to the judges. You do not have to create a demo version (but you can, of course!). We will provide the participating teams with a starter kit, including markers, post-its, and merchandise to get you started.

At the end of the 24 hours, each team will have 5 minutes to pitch their app design idea to the judges. How you pitch your idea is up to you. Just make sure you meet the brief: the app should be a tool for asking feedback and should include gamification elements.

You can pitch your design idea in any way you like, as long as we can watch it via Twitch livestream. Get creative!

All participants of the winning team will get their very own 3D printer!


11-12 June. Participants will have 24 hours to develop their ideas.

11 June

18.00 CEST

General introduction and briefing

Twitch livestream

18.15 CEST



12 June

12.00 CEST

Check-in (30 mins)

Twitch livestream

18.00 CEST

Teams pitch their designs to the jury

Twitch livestream

19.00 CEST

Announcement of the winning team

Twitch livestream

Deadline to sign up is June 7, 20.00 CEST. Registrations open on 18 May: www.tue.nl/hackathon.


Central introduction, pitches and crowning of the winner will happen online via Twitch livestream and communication between teams will be facilitated via Discord.

EuroTeQ Engineering University offers all participating teams a starter kit, including markers, post-its, drinks and snacks to get you all started.


Students from the six partner universities DTU, TalTech, CTU, TU/e, TUM and EPFL are highly encouraged to join this event. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a BSc, MSc, PhD or PDEng degree, you’re all welcome to join. You can sign up in teams of 3-5 students. Register here: www.tue.nl/hackathon

Questions? Reach out to us via euroteq@tue.nl.