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About EuroTeQ

Everyone is free to take part in the EuroTeQ project and collaborate with cutting-edge European universities of technology. The goal of the EuroTeQ project is to ensure open learning opportunities for students by developing flexible solutions and innovative learning formats for all interested parties. EuroTeQ is a collaborative project between six technical universities, providing students with the opportunity to study within the framework of their own curriculum at up to six different technical universities.

The diverse learning formats offered by EuroTeQ combine research and innovation, and serve as a guide in creating interdisciplinary collaborations. A graduate of EuroTeQ Engineering University possesses international cooperation experience and broad-based knowledge in the subjects they selected at partner universities, along with those offered at their home university.

The course catalogue for autumn semester is now open!


EuroteQ international website

The official EuroTeQ website consolidates information on the project’s content and activities. The website includes:
- the aims and vision of the project
- activities for students, teaching staff, support staff, and businesses as cooperation partners
- news about current events and initiatives
- contact information for partner universities

EuroTeQ project opportunities

For students – from the course catalogue it is possible to choose subjects offered by partner universities and problem-based cooperation projects that provide the student with extensive knowledge and experience enabling them to work as part of international teams.

For teaching staff and support staff – partner universities have opened web-based trainings and seminars to all TalTech employees. In addition, co-operation between teaching staff takes place jointly through teaching, the exchanging of experiences and research.

For cooperation partners – cooperation partners in the form of businesses are invited to participate in EuroTeQ learning formats with their own ideas and to have a say in the implementation of innovations.



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