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Are you ready to engage with the brightest students' minds of TalTech to address real-world problems? TalTech, in cooperation with top European technical universities (EuroTeQ alliance), invites companies to participate in the challenge-based learning experience where interdisciplinary teams, up to 6 students, solve real-life problems. 

  • You can mentor the student team, cooperate and bring innovative solutions to life while strengthening your individual and organizational innovation capacity. 
  • You can also get some good contacts to recruit to work for you. 
  • You will be an important cooperation partner for the university. You will be part of the creative development process that brings new concepts and solutions from vision to reality to contribute to sustainability goals and reduce environmental impact. 
  • You support EuroTeQ's top technical universities in a challenge-based innovation approach connecting education, industry, and society. 

  • Bring industry know-how and expertise related to the defined challenge to students. 
  • Be ready for questions and play the team's supervisor role by giving them personal and company-specific advice. 
  • Give feedback and support the team working on the challenge. 

The study takes place from February to May. The Collider's goal is to develop solutions in teams (3-6 students) that are economically sustainable, protect the environment and consider society's needs. 

Collider 2024

Submit a Challenge

Submit your company's challenge no later than January 24, 2024. After filling out the form, we will contact you within a week.


An innovative learning journey towards desirable futures centered around the theme "Enhance Connectionsfor sustainable futures". Within this overarching theme we think about connecting technologies, peopleand naturein the broadest sense, suchas:

  • Build stronger communities by facilitating meaningful connections between people;
  • Develop mindful connections to natureand careful consideration for our environmental resources;
  • Forge effective connections through technology, both digitally and physically.

During the Collider inter-disciplinary, international teams of diverse learners will work towards sustainable futures. Together they will explore different aspects of an open-ended challenge, develop potential solutions, test and validate ideas.

To do so, we are looking for Challenge Collaborators to join our journey.