Tallinn University of Technology

Do you want to contribute to the rapidly developing future? Help students develop life-changing projects? Join students on their career ladder?

As a leader in science, technology and innovation, TalTech brings together researchers, students and entrepreneurs from all over the world. It would not be possible to pave the way to a sustainable digital future without our students, who study and research, design and develop, build and test solutions to improve life on a daily basis. You can contribute to their work and the future of Estonia and the world!

Scholarship Competition Schedule for the Fall 2024 Semester

Join us at taltechfond@taltech.ee

  • September 30 - October 21 - applying for scholarships

  • October 25 - forwarding of candidates to companies

  • November 22 - informing the foundation of the selection of the scholarship holder

  • November 26 - publication of scholarship holders' lists

  • in December - an act of handing over scholarships

Arengufondi sügis 2023 aktus

Support with scholarships

Support talents and the university! Scholarships enable students to focus on their studies, faculty members to dedicate themselves to teaching and developing the field, and to be an example to others.

Support portal

Tallinn University of Technology's support portal gives private individuals and companies the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the university's various projects and developments, to support students (scholarships) and their entrepreneurship (e.g. Formula Student, Solaride, MindChip, etc.), to the university's infrastructure and to the development of the field in general.

Toetusportaali suunamine

Alumni back home

The University of Technology is making sure that it is only as successful as its alumni! We have set a goal to keep our alumni together and always offer a place in university activities. We invite you to participate in the events of the alumni movement, develop your knowledge at the Open University, communicate with your fellow alumni and keep in touch with your roots!