Tallinn University of Technology

The spring scholarship competition of Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund is underway again. On this occasion, Orlen Estonia has offered a scholarship for the first time. Elinor Toming, head of the development fund, asked the company why they have decided to support TalTech students with scholarships now, and which students they expect to apply. Board member Waldemar Król answered the questions.

Waldemar Król

Who is Orlen Eesti and what services does it offer? 

PKN Orlen Capital Group is an integrated, multi-utility company, operating in Central Europe and Canada. Orlen provides energy, gas, and fuel to over 100 million clients, while our advanced products are marketed to over 90 countries across 6 continents. PKN Orlen is the largest company in Central and Eastern Europe, and is listed in global rankings such as a Fortune Global 500 company. Orlen Eesti is the biggest fuel supplier in Estonia, and is actively looking for new people entering into other segments of operation.

Orlen is giving out scholarships for the first time. Why now and what is the wider purpose behind it?

In the last few years the Capital Group has undergone a metamorphosis in order to face the challenge of a rapidly changing world. We are seeking to create better connections with students and young people. Our priority is sustainable development across all our activities; understood as a concern for future generations. We want to have better understanding of the needs of people that will soon become our consumers. We attach equal importance to growing our business as well as sponsorships, scholarships, brand building and corporate social responsibility activities. Our motto is “fueling the future” and we really want to do this with and for future generations.  The Orlen Group has a long history of granting scholarships to people that want to change the world, which has now become possible to carry out in Estonia as well. 

Which students are you expecting to apply for your scholarship?

An applicant should have an active attitude to life, enthusiasm for the area of specialization, and the ambition to become a top specialist in the field.

Our main objective is to support committed, talented and ambitious students who are curious about the search for innovative solutions in the areas of chemistry, new mobility, hydrogen, widely understood energy and recycling, as well as development of environmentally-friendly biofuels and bio-components. We want to stimulate and catalyse young people for further development and growth in the areas which are in the interests of Capital Group. 

What are your recommendations to the students who consider applying? 

A scholarship from Orlen can be a gate opener to a career in most of the companies in the energy and fuels sector of the region, including Capital Group units as well. A natural next step can be internship in Orlen Eesti, or in one of our refineries in Lithuania, Poland, or Czech Republic. 

Any cool facts about Orlen Eesti, its team.

Do you know which combination of 2 words ORLEN consists of? 

Answer: ORLEN is a combination of 2 Polish words: ORZEŁ (eagle) and ENERGIA (energy).

The Orlen Eesti team is small, yet mighty per each worker, statistically we have generated of 120m EUR revenue in 2022. Its only possible because we are a perfect blend of totally different characters and attitudes that are able to reconcile fire and water, and that comes from mixing people that have just joined the team with those who have been working in Orlen for the last 15 years. 

Our team of 8 speaks 6 different languages.  

Among us you will find a true vegan / travel enthusiast, an adrenaline addicted gym bunny, a tango dancer / diver, a dog walking champion, a former lifeguard, a vintage car admirer / lego jedi, a sports motorbike lover / gemstones expert, a bitumen pro / keen caravan traveller. 

Applications for Development Fund scholarships are open until March 26, 2023. Additional information and application