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TalTech is convinced that it is just as successful as its alumni. The education received from TalTech and our alumni are a kind of quality mark. The Estonian economy and our future owe a debt of gratitude to the knowledge, experience, and entrepreneurship of TalTech alumni.

We invite you to contribute to the alumni movement and the university's ventures, to maintain a connection with current and future alumni.

Let's stand together and contribute to the development of our alma mater!

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TalTech Starry Night

Tallinn University of Technology and the Alumni Association organize an entertaining evening - TalTech Starry Night. All the alumni, employees, students and partners are pleased to join with their companions.


The TalTech Development Fund aims to support gifted students, young researchers, and lecturers. Scholarships offered by the partners of the Development Fund provide an opportunity to allow students to focus on their studies and recognize the employees whose dedication sets an example

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TalTech Mektory connects researchers, students, and entrepreneurs to solve practical problems of product development and generate forward-looking ideas.


Alumnus of the year

Alumnus of the Year is elected annually by the Board of the Alumni Association of Tallinn University of Technology from among alumni in recognition of their contribution to Estonian´s society in the field of education, science, engineering, technology, economy, or culture or in recognition of their outstanding service to TalTech.

The title and the letter of appreciation are conferred on the Alumnus of the Year on the occasion of TalTech´s anniversary on 17 September and their names are entered in the Book of Honour.

Leho Kuusk, 2022
Graduated 1994
School of Engineering
  Erika Kirpu, 2021
Graduated 2014
School of Business and Governance
  Irina Embrich, 2021
Graduated 2004
School of Science

Mart Min, 2020
Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics- Professor Emeritus
Graduated 1969
Electronics engineer

Sirje Potisepp

Sirje Potisepp, 2019
CEO of Estonian Food Industry Association
Graduated 1985
Technology Engineer

H. Hololei

Henrik Hololei, 2018
Director General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission
Graduated 1993

Anti Puusepp

Anti Puusepp, 2017
Palmse Mehaanikakoda LLC, the founder, owner and manager
Graduated 1993
Mechanical engineer

Marek Helm

Marek Helm, 2016

Director General of Estonian Tax and Customs Board
Graduated 2008
Public management

Ants Sild
Ants Sild, 2015

CEO of Baltic Computer Systems, chairman of the Board BCS Koolitus
Graduated 1981
Electrical engineer

Priit Rohumaa

Priit Rohumaa, 2014
Chairman of the Board Viru Keemia Grupp
Graduated 1998
Energy Engineering Engineer

Hardi Meybaum
Hardi Meybaum, 2013

CEO and a co-founder of GrabCAD
Graduated 2007
MSc in production engineering

Hannes Tamjärv
Hannes Tamjärv, 2012

Chairman of the Board AS Rocca Al Mare
Graduated 1983

Andres Allikmäe
Andres Allikmäe, 2011

CEO of Harju Elekter AS
Graduated 1980
Systems Engineer

Veiko Sepp
Veiko Sepp, 2010

CEO of Ericsson AS
Graduated 1991
Electronics Engineer

Sandor Liive
Sandor Liive, 2009

CEO of Eesti Energia AS
Graduated 1997

Erkki Raasuke
Erkki Raasuke, 2008

Chairman of the Board AS Hansapank
Graduated 1994

Valdo Kalm
Valdo Kalm, 2007

CEO of AS Eesti Telecom, CEO of AS EMT
Graduated 1992
Electrical engineer

Tarmo Noop
Tarmo Noop, 2006

Chairperson of the Management Board of AS A.Le Coq Tartu Brewery
Graduated 1991

Tiina Mois
Tiina Mõis, 2005

Chairperson of the Management Board of AS Genteel
Graduated 1980, cum laude

Väino Kaldoja
Väino Kaldoja, 2004

Chairman of the Management Board of AS Silberauto
Graduated 1979, cum laude
Mechanical Engineer

Toomas Annus
Toomas Annus, 2003

Chairman of the Management Board and Supervisory Board of AS Merko Ehitus, Chairman of the Board of Estonian Building Entrepreneurs
Graduated 1984, Civil Engineer

Gunnar Okk
Gunnar Okk, 2002

Chairman of the Management Board of AS Eesti Energia
Graduated 1983
Electrical Engineer

Indrek Neivelt
Indrek Neivelt, 2001

CEO, Chairman of the Board of Hansapank Group
Graduated 1993

Jüri Mõis
Jüri Mõis, 2000

Mayor of Tallinn
Graduated 1980

Toomas Luman

Toomas Luman, 1999
Chairman of the Management Board of AS EE Grupp, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Graduated 1982
Civil Engineer

Tooma Sõmera
Toomas Sõmera, 1998

General Director, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Eesti Telekom
Graduated 1975
Radio Engineer

Jaak Leimann
Jaak Leimann, 1997

Minister of Economic Affairs
Graduated 1964

Tiit Vähi
Tiit Vähi, 1996

Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia
Graduated 1970, cum laude
Mechanical Engineer


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