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Welcome to TalTech - Estonia's most innovative university

A vision of today’s society is innovative, entrepreneurial, technologically advanced, and open to the world, and this is what Tallinn Unversity of Technology (TalTech) is applying for through internationally high-level studies and research. 

At TalTech, you can experience the future without stepping into a time machine. Here, education meets all things digital!

You can find a suitable programme for your career with internationally recognised programmes in:

  • School of Information Technologies
  • School of Business and Governance
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Science

Solid reputation

  • Founded in 1918, TalTech counts with around 9200 currently enrolled degree students, among which 1200 are international. This makes TalTech the biggest university in the capital and one of the most international in the country.
  • TalTech is ranked in the top 3% of the global universities in the QS World University Rankings, top 2% in certain fields, such as Engineering and Technology, and Business Administration.

Unique study programmes

  • Unique and internationally-recognised programmes and learning environment creates curricula that meet the latest needs of the labour market, involving experienced practitioners from the private sector. 
  • The study process takes place in the modern labs and facilities in the picturesque urban campus in the greenest area of Tallinn. Here we test and implement recent technologies on a daily basis. 

Entrepreneurial mindset

  • TalTech values cooperation with enterprises and brings business to a new level. We are the first contact for companies and public authorities upon starting research. 
  • At Taltech we have founded Mektory Innovation and Business Center to boost dynamic university-industry cooperation even more


We offer 4 Bachelor’s and 15 Master’s internationally recognised degree programmes in:
- Information Technologies (including Cyber Security and e-Governance)
- Business and Governance (including Law and MBA)
- Engineering
- Science

All programmes are taught fully in English, providing high-quality education by combining in-depth study and creative labs. Thus, you will get the best hands-on experience for your education and your career.

The most innovative

At TalTech, we make real things and develop them from scratch on the spot. Gain an opportunity to study in a modern digital campus where many of the most recent technologies are tested and implemented daily. We create and design things from beginning, such as self-driving vehicles, satellites, AI and much more.

You, as a student, have the opportunity to join any team and participate in the generation of something new in practicality and not only in theory!

Check out our featured projects!

Self-driving vehicle

The self-driving car IseAuto, completed for the TalTech's 100th anniversary, is a fully self-propelled vehicle, that can accommodate four to six people. The car’s body was developed and manufactured by Silberauto. Technical solutions such as electronics, sensory and control software have been developed in co-operation with the TalTech students supervised by robotics, IT and Engineering scientists.

TalTech IseAuto


Meet the future! Smart road pavement is the first solar-powered road surface in the Nordic countries. The ICT solutions, integrated into the pavement, make the road an active traffic participant. Safer and smoother traffic with a smaller ecological footprint. The slippery coefficient of the brick was near 1 and transparency of surface more than 90%. It withstood to spike tire test 5 times better than the best concrete asphalt.

TalTech e-pavement

Student satellites

The student satellite Koit ("Dawn"), which was launched into orbit this summer, has to undertake an important task: to test a fail-safe system that can continue to function in space despite computing errors caused by radiation. In addition, the satellite will test high-frequency communications, take detailed images from Earth and observe the growth of vegetation. In March, the satellite Hämarik ("Twilight") will also be launched.

TalTech student satellite

Smart city

The smart city has an ambitious goal in mind: to become a technological centre of excellence, addressing issues such as 5G, the internet of things, e-government, cybersecurity, and many more. Scientists and entrepreneurs are welcome to develop and test their technologies on campus. Today, the smart digital campus is home to TalTech's smart transport program, which explores how to make the urban environment more enjoyable.

smart city TalTech

Data collection in extreme conditions

Nature-inspired robots can assist scientists in various fields. For example, with the help of underwater robots, underwater archaeologists are learning more about seabed. SAFEME4MINE is a preventive maintenance system of mining machinery focused on safety devices. Moreover, sensors developed for extreme conditions can keep an eye on rivers, glaciers, waterfalls, and hydroelectric power stations.

TalTech Robot under water

Autonomous Ship NYMO

NYMO is a multi-purpose autonomous robotic vessel that offers platform testing, oil spill detection, marine exploration and more. The robot ship recognizes various objects at sea and is able to make the necessary decisions without human intervention. It has a load capacity of 100 kilograms and has a speed of 9 kilometres per hour. There are full-electric and diesel-electric versions of autonomous vessels available.

TalTech Nymo ship

Online Admission procedure

Find the programme you are interested in applying to. Full list of English-taught programmes is available here

Make sure you meet the general requirements which you can see in the description on each programme page. Candidates with at least 60% of the highest possible CGPA are eligible. Familiarize yourself with the programme's description and programme-specific requirements which are described on the web site of the programme you are interested in.


International applicants (applicants who do not have Estonian citizenship or right of permanent residence in Estonia) apply through the online application system DreamApply. You may only create one account. Candidates with multiple active accounts will be disqualified.

To apply, you must upload and submit the following documents with your application on DreamApply:

  • Education documents (final or most recent) and official English translations
  • Copy of passport identification page (document needs to be valid during application process)
  • Proof of English
  • GRE General Test Score Report, if applicable (when applying for Master's programmes)
  • Type in your motivation letter (3000-5500 characters) 

NB! It is important to properly cite and reference any sources used in your motivation letter. It has to be authentic, otherwise, the university has the right to dismiss your application.

Get more details on HOW TO APPLY

The application fee is 100 EUR per applicant, which enables you to apply for 2 programmes. Your online application will be processed only after the non-refundable application fee has been received by the International Admissions office. Please submit your application once you have paid the application fee. After the payment has been completed, upload the application fee payment receipt to the "TalTech application fee" task in DreamApply portal. Only submitted applications are being processed.

Your application will be pre-evaluated within 7 working days only after receiving your application fee. All further instructions and requests for any additional documents will be sent personally.

You will be contacted personally to agree on the interview date and, if applicable, you will be given instructions about the Moodle admissions test.

Please see the programme list and click on your programme to see specific admission steps.

Don't worry if you are not contacted right away – it might take a while to go through the applications.

After passing the interview and test, you will be conditionally accepted. Read through the conditional acceptance letter – it includes all required documents and deadlines.

All education documents will be assessed by the ENIC/NARIC Center. The evaluation process may take up to a month.

The final acceptance letter will be issued after the university has:

  • received applicant's confirmation for the study offer on DreamApply,
  • received all the required documents by post,
  • received a positive evaluation for education documents from ENIC/NARIC Center,
  • received the first-year tuition fee in full (if applicable).

After receiving the final acceptance letter by e-mail, you can start planning your new life in Estonia!

iPad with multiple hands in Tallinn Old Town

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