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School of Information Technologies

The rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT) is affecting all aspects of our daily lives. Estonia is among the global leaders of the digital future – two out of three IT talents in Estonia come from TalTech School of Information Technologies. The curricula in the School of IT are designed to combine both academic and practical aspects and focus on the most current topics. For instance, the curricula E-Governance Technologies and Services and Cybersecurity offer the opportunity to learn firsthand from the experts in the field. While graduation offers clear paths to further studies, close collaboration with employers throughout the studies also prepares students with specific skill-sets needed and valued on job-market.

Bachelor's programmes:

Cyber Security Engineering (BSc)

Master's programmes:

Cybersecurity (MSc)

Communicative Electronics (MSc)

Computer and Systems Engineering (MSc)

e-Governance Technologies and Services (MSc)

Digital Health (MSc)

Software Engineering (MSc) (joint programme with University of Tartu, please apply directly to the University of Tartu)

School of Business and Governance

TalTech School of Business and Governance is the leader in Estonian business, economics and econometrics and governance education. We provide interdisciplinary education with a good blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our main research areas are in world universities´ rankings (economic analysis 351-400 in QS World University Rankings by Subject (QS) and public administration 101-150 in Shanghai ranking). We publish the highest number of top-level research papers in Estonia in our respective fields. The number of high-level publications increases by 15-20% annually. TalTech SBG is also the most international higher education unit in Estonia: 25% of our student body are foreigners from more than 60 countries. We also benefit a lot from the entrepreneurial mindset in Tallinn – the capital of a small Nordic country with one of the highest rates of start-ups per capita in Europe.

We develop fast. Come join us and you will too!

Bachelor's programmes:

International Business Administration (BA)

Law (BA)

Master's programmes:

International Business Administration (MA)

Entrepreneurial Management (MBA)

Law (MA)

Technology Governance and Digital Transformation (MA)

Public Sector Innovation and e-governance (MSc) (joint programme with University of Leuven and University of Münster, please apply directly to the University of Leuven)

School of Engineering

The graduates of the School of Engineering are true engineers, inventors, innovators and leaders who shape the future technologies. Here you will learn to notice the changing needs of people and to create new opportunities using the latest innovation of technology. We need people like you – there are more job offers on the market than graduates. Invest in your future and come study at the School of Engineering!

Bachelor's programmes:

Integrated Engineering (BSc)

Master's programmes:

Industrial Engineering and Management (MSc)

Environmental Engineering and Management (MSc)

Design and Technology Futures (MSc)

Technology of Wood, Plastics and Textiles (MSc)

Mechatronics (MSc)

School of Science

The solutions behind the great challenges of the 21st century – climate change, environmental protection, carbon neutrality, renewable energy, biodiversity conservation, etc. - lies at the heart of science. In our curricula, students get a great education, enabling them to take on the greatest challenges in academic research laboratories as well as in business developing new technologies. Our graduates are the ones who may hold the sustainable future of the Earth!

Master's programmes:

Applied Physics (MSc)