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What we offer for students:

  • students can familiarize with digital solutions and get insight and access to Estonian world-class know how 
  • hands-on collaboration with practitioners in the e-Governance field along the possibility to meet and cooperate with experienced lectures and experts both from private and public sector - participation in workshops with representatives from Estonian e-Governance Academy, ITL cluster and MKM
  • cooperation closely related to the Next Gen research group offering students a possibility to do research in e-governance field as well as take part in new development projects

We provide an inspiring insight to topics like information society principles towards e-Governance, we are covering the legal framework of e-Governance, we are offering the essential knowledge regarding the information management and digital archiving in order to preserve the digital content which we are creating today. Very important is to understand the public sector service design and implementation in order to be in line with the developments of the digital society.

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Students for this study programme are admitted based on the admission threshold. An online interview will be conducted only to the candidates who have passed preliminary evaluation. The maximum score for the motivation letter, CV and online interview is 20 points. An applicant who receives the minimum of 10 points is admitted.

Please find the programme specific admission requirements below:

In order to qualify for the studies in Tallinn University of Technology, an applicant has to have at least 60% of the highest possible CGPA.

In order to apply, a candidate is required to present either the GRE General Test or eGov Entry Test result by uploading the test certificate to the DreamApply application system latest by the application deadline. Please read the detailed information of each test below and take one of them to successfully apply for the e-Governance Technologies and Services study programme. Note that candidates who have obtained a full Bachelor's degree in EU, EFTA or OECD member state are waived from this test requirement.

GRE General Test

In order to apply, a candidate is required to upload a Test-taker Score Report of the GRE General Test to the DreamApply application system with the necessary threshold scores:

  • Verbal Reasoning at least 145
  • Quantitative Reasoning at least 150
  • Analytical Writing score at least 3.0

This is a prerequisite for qualifying and has to be fulfilled latest by the application deadline.

Candidates who have obtained a full Bachelor's degree in EU, EFTA or OECD member state are waived from the GRE requirement.

Please see more information about our GRE General Test requirement here, including the exact eligibility criteria for being exempted from this prerequisite and how to order the test result electronically to TalTech.

eGov Entry Test

Alternatively to the GRE General Test, applicants may take eGov Entry Test in TalTech Moodle. This entry test is developed by TalTech to offer an alternative to the GRE General Test and is free of charge for all the candidates applying for eGov MSc programme.

Applicants interested to take the eGov Entry Test should contact programme coordinators at eGovTest@taltech.ee in order to enroll to the test in Moodle. Once you have been enrolled to TalTech Moodle, the test must be completed within a week.

The eGov Entry Test’s goal is to measure an applicant’s ability to comprehend, analyse and synthesize concepts related to digital transformation as well as the information society; including political, legal and technological frameworks. In addition, the learning outcomes of the e-Governance Master’s programme are to equip students with the knowledge and skills to have e-Governance management positions in public or private sector organizations. Thus, the first part of the exam captures leadership qualities of applicants through a digital transformation scorecard test. 

In order to apply to the e-Governance Technologies and Services programme, a candidate is required to upload a Certificate of completion of the eGov Entry Moodle Test to the DreamApply application system with the overall score. Candidates must complete all 4 parts of the Test and obtain passable grade in order to continue with admission process. Scoring system is the following:

  • Threshold scores 5-10
  • Passable overall score 5
  • Maximum overall score 10

The eGov Entry Test is a prerequisite for qualifying and has to be passed latest by the application deadline. Test can be taken from January to May 2023. After passing the test the applicant will receive the Certificate of completion with overall score during 14 days. 

Candidates who have obtained a full Bachelor's degree in EU, EFTA or OECD member state are waived from the eGov Entry Test.

Motivation letter

Please include the following:

  • clearly defined perspectives and motivation for developing the information society and e-governance era;
  • logical, analytical and comprehensive description of e-governance based on the country candidate chooses to take as an example;
  • previous experiences in the field, practical work experience in public sector or with the technical solutions used in public sector;
  • proposals for future master's thesis topic in the field of e-governance technologies and/or services;
  • grammatically correct and fluent English.

NB! It is important to properly cite and reference any sources used in your motivation letter (quotations, publications, ideas etc. that are not your own). Neglecting the rules of referencing and citation is considered plagiarism and will result in the disqualification of your application.

Europass CV

Candidates need to upload a CV (Europass Format, in English) in the documents section of DreamApply application system. Europass CV must clearly state the previous educational and professional background, participation in trainings and publication list, if any.

Positive scale for the motivation letter and CV: 5-10 points. Note that without the Europass CV positive scale cannot be reached and the candidate will not qualify for the interview.

In order to be invited to the interview, candidate should get at least 5 points for the motivation letter.

During the interview the following aspects will be evaluated:

  • communication and presentation skills;

  • level of e-governance awareness;

  • motivation to complete selected study programme as well as to contribute to the field by applying the acquired knowledge in future career;

  • analytical thinking and argumentation skills;

  • ability to work on concrete projects both in a team and individually.

Duration of the interview is approximately 10 minutes.

Positive scale: 5-10 points


The programme gives students broad knowledge on developing a modern state, its transition to e-governance and paperless management. Studies include a wide overview of administrative and legal aspects of e-governance.

What you can expect from this Master's programme:

  • Experienced lectures

  • Access to world-class know-how

  • Hands-on collaboration with practitioners in the field

Why this programme?

  • The programme focuses on designing, developing and improving governmental systems and implementing e-government components on every state level

  • Specialisation in IT, innovation/services in public and private sectors or adoption and marketing of e-governance

  • User-oriented services offered by government that are based on ICT

  • Offers experience in the field, practical research and project work already during studies

  • Curriculum is closely related to “e-state technologies laboratory” offering students a possibility to do research in e-governance field as well as take part in new development projects


  • General studies - cover information society principles: towards e-Governance, legal framework of e-governance, introduction to IT and eGov technologies, software process and quality, IT Solutions of e-government, etc.
  • Core studies - include such courses as e-Governance technologies and services master's project, enterprise architecture and BPM, introduction to development in cloud, Basics of e-Health, etc.
  • Special studies - consist of courses about foundations of cyber security, public sector service design and implementation, information management and digital archiving, impact and measurement of e-Governance, entrepreneurship project, etc.
  • Free choice courses - students can choose from the wide variety of courses offered at the university.
  • Graduation thesis - a practical written project with a strong theoretical background focused on e-Governance and ICT.

Future Career

The curriculum will help to prepare managers and specialists responsible for the development of e-Governance, who are able to comprehend the business processes and the management of public administration; and are familiar with the information systems and software development.

Giving students a broad knowledge about the transition to e-governance, its management and development, helps graduates to work as a public sector high-level officials whilst leading eGov projects by having also a wider overview of administrative and legal aspects of e- governance.

Master’s degree holders have the opportunity to continue their studies in the PhD programme.

What students and alumni say


Florian Lemke

Florian Lemke


I am Florian Lemke from Germany and I graduated in 2018 from TalTech. I have been working as a Senior Business Analyst for Capgemini Germany at its German headquarter in Berlin. Now I have moved on as a Management IT-Consultant at Moysies & Partners which focuses especially on public sector digitization. I am advising the German Regional and Federal Government in their long process of digital transformation on a strategic and technical dimension as an IT-project manager. I founded a disruptive Startup in Asia (Hong Kong) right after my graduation. The e-Governance Technologies and Services study programme at TalTech provided me with the knowledge and understanding of innovation, technology, public- as well as business administration. It is only because of this varied study program that I am able to benefit from it at every day of my work.

I am still closely connected with my Alma Mater in Tallinn and publish scientific papers together with my former professors. Since 2020, I have been holding a teaching position at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, teaching eGovernment in the Administrative Informatics program.

The immense flexibility and possibility for gaining international experience at TalTech’s partner universities has made me become an expert on Asian and European e-government solutions, due to my exchange studies at Beijing Institute of Technology in the Peoples Republic of China. Considering this, I can develop just the best e-solutions for my own country. Estonia has been the best place in the world to study e-government to become one of the future leaders in the e-government field. The diverse and interdisciplinary program has shaped more than just my career. It has shaped my personality and life.

Josephine Lusi

Josephine Lusi


Meet Josephine Lusi, a current student who will be graduating from the MSc e-Governance Technologies and Services programme in June.

"As a student enrolled in this programme, I have come to appreciate its unique aspects, particularly the comprehensive knowledge it provides on developing modern states, transitioning to paperless ecosystems, and emphasizing citizen-centric public services.

As an active member of the Next Generation Digital State Research group, I have had the opportunity to contribute to real-life projects that have been both meaningful and impactful. One of my highlights has been working with the GovStack Initiative, to create the GovStack Implementation Playbook, a valuable resource for digital transformation enthusiasts who are involved in the digitalization of public services. Through the GovStack Initiative, I am also contributing to the digitalization of e-services for several countries, including the Horn of Africa region, where we are working to transform Djibouti's government into a paperless ecosystem.

The programme's unique and interdisciplinary design has given me an opportunity to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career. I invite you to join me and a diverse community of international students in this rewarding programme to discover the endless possibilities in the world of e-Gov."


Master's student Juhani Lemmik

Juhani Lemmik


Meet Juhani Lemmik - a seasoned expert in state governance reforms and e-government developments, with a passion for sports, hiking, spiritual growth, and quality time with loved ones. Juhani pursued his second master's degree in e-Governance Technologies and Services at TalTech, following his first degree in political science from the Central European University. With a diverse career in several Estonian state institutions and international organizations like the OECD, Juhani currently manages a European Union-funded project in Kosovo, applying his expertise in building e-states. 

“The e-Governance Technologies and Services programme at TalTech offers students numerous opportunities to expand their knowledge and career prospects. Graduates can pursue careers in state institutions, international organizations, IT and consulting companies, where their broad e-state awareness and technology-society integration skills are in high demand. The programme's unique feature is its flexibility in allowing students to choose their own career path, whether they prefer to specialize in technologies, data, or social science. Furthermore, the programme's international focus equips graduates with the necessary skills to excel in a global career market. Juhani himself has been working on international projects for the last seven years and sees that this master’s programme has great emphasis on fostering and building international communities.”  

With TalTech's e-Governance Technologies and Services programme, you can broaden your horizons, make a difference in the world, and achieve your career goals. Enroll today and discover the endless possibilities! 

Merilin Liutkevicius

Merilin Liutkevicius


Meet our recent graduate, Merilin Liutkevicius, who, armed with a BA in psychology from Tallinn University, just completed the e-Governance Technologies and Services MSc programme at TalTech with flying colors. As an active member of the Next Generation Digital State research group, she has spearheaded diverse projects in Digital Transformation at the Department of Software Science, School of IT. After a 4-year hiatus, her love for new technologies reignited, and this curriculum was the perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between her previous studies and new challenges. She even had the chance to serve as project coordinator in an INTERREG project called OSIRIS BSR during her studies, promoting smart specialization in the silver economy to boost regional innovation capacity and sustainable economic growth. The interdisciplinary nature of the e-government curriculum allowed Merilin to explore various areas of study, including programming, cyber defense, e-government technologies, and even business. She found that each subject complemented and strengthened the others, providing her with a rich skill set and a deeper understanding of the digital world. 

Her story is a testament to the endless possibilities that TalTech's master's programme offers. Even if you come with a specific research project, the opportunities to explore and challenge yourself are limitless. Join us today and embark on an exciting journey of personal and professional growth!

Ievgen Bilyk

Ievgen Bilyk


TTÜ Master programme on E-Governance Technologies and Services equipped me with the modern interdisciplinary background. E-governance is such a field where a specialist needs to draw from various disciplines: IT, law, project management, public administration and other kinds of social sciences. All these directions were covered by the programme! So, I regularly use this background to overcome different challenges when creating e-governance solutions in Ukraine. But probably the most valuable intake from the Master’s is connections with international experts and students in e-governance that I met in Tallinn.     

Last two years, I worked at Transparency International Ukraine on two projects: monitoring ProZorro e-procurement system and developing ProZorro.Sale e-sales system. My position was a project manager. Currently, I work as a consultant at the Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth in Ukraine on the project of creating National E-Platform for Schools.


Tamar Maglakelidze

Tamar Maglakelidze


Earning Master’s Degree in e-Governance Technologies and Services at Tallinn University of Technology (TTU) has had a strong impact on my personal and professional development. The program has a broad curriculum that covers all major areas of implementing e-Governance services. It combines several elements that make it a compelling choice for students who would like to develop an understanding of Information and Communication Technologies.

I am currently working in the e-Governance field as a Service Development Analyst at Municipal Service Development Agency of Tbilisi City Hall (MSDA). Our agency creates and implements electronic systems customized for municipal activities. Programs that are developed by MSDA are intended for internal organizational activities, citizens, and external users. It can be emphasized that the services MSDA carries out further improve efficiency and make it more accessible and user-friendly for citizens.

Given the fact that Estonia is one of the first countries in the e-Governance field, it has greatly influenced development of e-Governance in Georgia. The education TTU provided has had a tremendous impact on my career and has enabled me to better manage projects at my current job. I am proud to be part of the program.

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