Tallinn University of Technology

IT innovation festival is coming again! This year, we have focused on artificial intelligence and its trustworthyness and security. There are already dozens of areas where AI applications are used today. For the most part, we don't realize that online stores, searches, machine translation, smart homes or infrastructures, cars, or cybersecurity solutions use different applications. Artificial intelligence technologies are also making a significant difference in our lives - in healthcare, transport, the military, manufacturing, public services or food and agriculture.

Kuigi tehisintellekti rakendusi kasutatakse tänapäeval juba kümnetes valdkondades, siis inimesed enamasti ei taju, et igapäevaselt kasutatav tehnoloogia või taristu on AI-ga seotud.

But do we know what's going on under the belly of these applications, and are they trustworthy and secure? How to ensure that data fed to AI comes from reliable sources, is free from prejudice and is not susceptible to manipulation? In addition, understanding the operation of artificial intelligence algorithms is an important issue.

Let's take a closer look and listen to these topics already on June 15 at 13-16.30 in the Innovation Centre Mektory!

The keynote speakers at the conference will be Pawel Sobocinski, a professor at the Department of Software Science at TalTech, Jaan Tallinn, an entrepreneur and AI expert, Kristjan Port, a professor of health behavior and sports biology at Tallinn University, and Peter Warren Singer, a US political scientist and 21st century war expert.

In addition to the keynote speakers, 3-minute videos of our artificial intelligence scientists will be presented, featuring, among others, IT scientists Yuri Belikov and Eduard Belikov, Tanel Tammet, Maksim Jenihhin, Innar Liiv and Sven Nõmm.

The hybrid event is aimed to students, companies, university staff and researchers, teachers in general education schools and vocational training centers, as well as prospective students and parents.

The wider aim of the festival is to accelerate innovation by involving both public and private sector organizations and to collaborate on projects with a scientific content. Also provide students with practical and project-based learning tasks that add value to participating organizations and society. The competition also includes a competition for ICT student work, and graduation and team projects for selected students.

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