Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech´s colourful virtual tour is without doubt one of the best ways to get to know TalTech campus and its schools. Here you will learn more about the labs, classrooms, study buildings, student house, dormitories, sports center and many more. We have now updated the tour with numerous buildings and labs.

TalTechi virtuaaltuur Mäemaja fuajee
TalTechi virtuaaltuur: Ehituse Mäemaja fuajee

It now allows to access more locations from School of Engineering, School of Business and Governance and School of IT. Among them are CISCO Academy lab, Laboratory of Proactive Technologies, Ehituse Mäemaja, Laboratory of Roads and Traffic, Ventilation Air Distribution lab, Power Electronics Lab, Laboratory of Polymers and Textiles, Industrial Robotics Laboratory, Eye-Tracking lab, Service Design Lab d.Lab and many more.

The bilingual guide will help you examine the tour with high resolution photos, videos and information about the locations in English and Estonian languages. 

TalTech's virtual tour is for PC-s and mobile devices. You can find the most innovative virtual tour in Estonia here: virtualtour.taltech.ee