Tallinn University of Technology

Services provided at Mektory

The Mektory building is a meeting place for good thoughts, new ideas, inventive people, and awesome solutions. In the various seminar and meeting rooms in the building, one can organise workshops, seminars, meetings, hackathons and conferences for up to 250 people. Over 30 different rooms can be booked and used simultaneously. Mektory has annually more than 50,000 visitors from all over the world.

Mektory's services are intended for all private and legal persons.

Mektory's services include:
rental of rooms and provision of related support services (see the list of rooms below). ROOMS CAN BE RENTED DURING THE TIME MEKTORY IS OPEN. In special occasions and for conferences let us agree on the precise terms, incl. a lot more different rooms than listed below. Mektory is located in the TalTech campus, address Raja st 15. Good access with public transportation, a parking area for 90 vechicles is across the street. 

Mektory building houses also the TalTech simulation-demo centre, built in cooperation with the schools. The simulation-demo area combines science with practical solutions - here you can see the student satellite, a model of the self-driving car Iseauto, the smart road pavement and other university's inventions.
The TalTech Conference Centre offers events full-service, in case of need. 

To book a room and for more information, please send an e-mail to mektory@taltech.ee.

ScreenX conference hall (230 seats)

When you attend conferences at TalTech, you can say goodbye to traditional seminars where the most memorable thing is your coffee break. In the Mektory  ScreenX Conference Hall, we make events memorable. Our 130-foot screen has a 270-degree angle, allowing our guests to conduct the most   innovative and interactive presentations.  Our advanced technology makes learning and conferencing easy! 

In addition you may book smaller rooms and use our leasure or catering area (pax 200). 

Area: 395 m2

Number of seats:

  • theatre style up to 230 seats

Presentation equipment / technical specification:

  • 270 degree and 3 x 40m video projection screen

  • data-projector (fullHD Sanyo PLC-HP7000L 1 pcs)

  • sound system (mixer Midas M32R, amplifier, speakers QSC AP5122 4 pcs)

  • stage lighting (DTS Scena LED 200FR CT + Barndoor 11  pcs).

  • stage (3 x 6 m)

  • trussing (Litec 2,5m tube trussing + Admiral staging clamp 16 pcs)

Additional capabilities:

  • lectern

  • step-ladder

NB! To create ScreenX 270-degree effect additional data-projection equipment is necessary to cover and map the screen’s full lenght

The additional tables to the conference hall will be provided from your catering service.

Daily price: 600€ +VAT

Innovation HUB (70 seats)

InnovationHub is an area of cooperation, the interior of which offers versatile solutions and opportunities for events. The room can be used for lectures, teamwork, hackathons, panel discussions, and product presentations. There are both roundtables on wheels (8) and so-called school tables on wheels (12).

Area: 250 m2

Number of seats:

  • theatre style – up to 70 seats

  • roundtables (8) – up to 50 seats

  • classroom (12 tables) – up to 24 seats

  • U-shaped table arrangement – up to 20 seats

    Presentation equipment / technical specification:

    • two video projectors with electronic projection screens

    • sound amplification system with two hand-held microphones and two headsets

    • integrated camera

    • USB connection with microphones to provide high-quality audio for web conferences and/or meetings (Teams, Zoom, etc.)

    • Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system with two transmitters

    • convenient and intuitive control of presentation technology from the touch panel

    • mobile presentation board on wheels

    • 3 Samsung Digital Flipcharts

    • flipchart

    Additional capabilities:

    • separate kitchenette

    • 6 armchairs, sofas

    • acoustic screens/room divider

    Hourly price: 85€ +VAT
    Daily price: 450€ +VAT



    Grid and Green EnergyHUB (50 seats)

    In the Elektrilevi and Enefit Green room, there are two large 55-inch screens on each side, which can be used together in the case of a joint room or separately in the case of a two-part solution. The room is ready for a hybrid meeting, with robotic cameras, ceiling microphones and 86-inch Samsung touch screens/paperless whiteboards installed at both ends.

    Both sides of the room can be arranged as a classroom (50 seats in total on both sides) or as desks for six (48 seats in total on both sides). If necessary, the room can be divided with a sliding wall.

    Content can be simultaneously sent to the large screens in the rooms via either HDMI or a wireless Barco solution from your personal computer.

    By connecting with a USB cable, the speakers, camera and microphone are also connected to the computer for a video meeting. By using the room as a whole (that is, without a sliding wall), the image can be transmitted to all four screens at the same time.

    The room has:

    • Touch control panels
    • Ceiling microphones
    • Ceiling speakers
    • PTZ cameras
    • Video-audio converter
    • Clickshare
    • 86-inch touch screen TV (2 pcs.)
    • 55-inch TV (2 pcs.)

    The room has been furnished by Eesti Energia.

    Hourly price: 150€ +VAT
    Daily price: 354€ +VAT

    Suzhou Garden (40 kohta)

    Suzhou Garden was founded in the autumn of 2019 in cooperation with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. Suzhou Garden is a unique, spacious, and cosy space suitable for meetings, trainings, and teamwork.

    Area: 71.4 m2

    Number of seats:

    • 6 combinable tables of different shapes on wheels
    • 42 seats
    • roundtable – up to 26 seats

    The room was completed in September 2019 in cooperation with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

    Presentation equipment / technical specification:

    • one 75″ and two 55″ LCD screens with wireless AirTame connection
    • a glass board
    • flipchart

    Hourly price: 75€ +VAT
    Daily price: 177€ +VAT

    e-Governance Lab (28 seats)

    The e-Governance lab is one of the most popular rooms in the center.

    In this room, you can use the "X-road board".

    Area: 72,4 m2


    • 6 round tables
    • 28 people in cafe style

    Additional equipment:

    • data projector

    • 55” touchscreen LCD monitor

    • flipchart

    • walls to enable post-it brainstorms

    • speakers

    Additional capabilities:

    • 30 Samsung tablets to introduce e-government capabilities and solutions.

    Hourly price: 75€ +VAT
    Daily price: 177€ +VAT


    Partner: EAS


    Logistics and Supply Chain Management Innovation Lab (26 seats)

    The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Simulation and Demo Centre was completed in 2013 with the help of various supporters and partners. The room is suitable for brainstorming, meetings, trainings, seminars, and presentations.

    Area: 73.7 m2

    Presentation equipment / technical specification: video projector with a projection screen.

    Number of seats:

    • theatre style – up to 50 seats

    • U-shaped – up to 26 seats

    • classroom – up to 26 seats

    Additional capabilities:

    • simulation and demo display of multimodal logistics
    • supply chain management, production logistics, and production automation machines and games

    The establishment of the logistics laboratory has been supported by: AS Tallinna Sadam, AS EVR Cargo, Alekon Cargo OÜ, AS Sillamäe Sadam, MTÜ Logistika ja Transiidi Assotsiatsioon, CF&S Estonia AS, ESTEVE Terminal AS, Morbela OÜ, Transiidikeskuse AS, AS Vopak E.O.S., Alexela Logistics AS, AS Eesti Raudtee, Riigiressursside Keskus OÜ, DB Schenker, Telema AS, Cityntel OÜ, Valge Klaar, Omniva, and Eesti Logistikaklaster.

    Hourly price: 75€ +VAT
    Daily price: 177€ +VAT

    Samsung Digital Academy (20 seats)

    The Samsung Digital Academy was completed in cooperation with Samsung. It is a spacious, light-filled room, the layout and equipment of which allow the room to be used for many different purposes. The room can be divided into two using a partition. One part is usually arranged as a U-shaped seminar and meeting room for 20 people, while the other part of the room is arranged as a 10-seat computer classroom.

    Area: 95.8 m2 (the room can be divided by a partition)

    Additional capabilities: Various workshops and courses (must be ordered beforehand)

      Number of seats:

      • U-shaped – up to 22 seats

      • theatre style – up to 40 seats

      • 8–10 computer workstations

      Presentation equipment / technical specification:

      • 75″ touch screen LCD on wheels

      • Samsung Digital FlipChart

      • flipchart

      Hourly price: 75€ +VAT
      Daily price: 177€ +VAT


      Partner: Samsung


      XR centre computer class (20+1 seats)

      Computer class with powerful computers (i7-10700, 32GB RAM, RTX 2070 SUPER, 27“ LED).

      Area: 71,3 m2

      Capacity: 20+1 places

      Additional equipment:  VR equipment and software

      Hourly price: 80€ +VAT
      Daily price: 200€ +VAT

      SuomiSauna (16 seats)

      The SuomiSauna Think Tank was completed in 2017 in cooperation with the Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Embassy of Finland, and many other Finnish companies. The seminar and sauna room on the ground floor of the Mektory building is suitable for meetings, brainstorming, team events, as well as just for relaxation.

      Area: 99 m2

      Presentation equipment / technical specification: 55″ LCD screen.

      Additional capabilities: sauna (with a pool).

      Number of seats:

      • 4 elongated tables

      • 16 seats

      Hourly price: 75€ +VAT
      Daily price: 177€ +VAT
      Seminar room with the use of sauna: 260€ +VAT

      Soome sauna3


      Ericsson Connectivity Room (12 seats)

      Innovative meeting room, for inspirational team events and idea-exchanges. Room design is inspired from nature and eco-friendly thinking. Still it has everything necessary for conducting modern meetings.

      Area: 44,2 m2


      • 12 people around the table

      • 10 additional seats

      Presentation equipment / technical specification:

      • 65“ LCD screen

      • sound system

      • self-darkening glass wall

      • control panel for controlling the room functions

      • flipchart

      Additional equipment:

      • Play Station 4

      Hourly price: 65€ +VAT
      Daily price: 155€ +VAT


      Partner: Ericsson


      Bank of Ideas (8 seats)

      In this room you can have important meetings of 8 people behind a conference table or do brainstormings and workshops when sitting next to small coffee tables.

      The furnishing of the room is clever, because you can modify it according to your needs. In need of a conference table, you can find it packed up in the wall closet. Need more space? You can put the table away and use the smaller tables.

      In need of comfortable environment for team brainstorming, you can use bean bag chairs. Additionally, the room has a special environment for playing virtual reality game.

      Area: 30 m2


      • oval conference table

      • 6-8 seats

      • bag chairs

      • 4 sideboards

      Presentation equipment / technical specification:

      • 55“ LCD screen

      • flipchart

      Additional equipment:

      • virtual reality game

      Hourly price: 65€ +VAT
      Daily price: 155€ +VAT

      XR Centre

      The centre has a large simulation-demo area with 4 headsets, where you can use virtual and augmented reality solutions.It is a unique opportunity, where up to four people can work simultaneously on the same project.

      The state-of-the-art computers equipped with NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti graphics cards provide adequate performance and the cutting-edge headsets (incl. alve Index, HTC Vive Pro Eye, Varjo VR-2, Oculus Quest, etc.) ensure an enthralling experience.

      For longer inclusive projects, a modern laboratory with high-performance computers (5X i9-9900, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super, 32GB RAM) has been opened.

      The centre will also have portable VR devices (Oculus Quest) and 360-degree cameras, which you can rent.

      Hourly price: 15€ +VAT/game area


      Need a seminar or meeting room urgently?

      On the Workinpeace.io homepage, you can choose the Mektory room you like with a few clicks. There are 13 rooms to choose from. Just select a suitable room and book it!