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These guidelines are here to help establish greater visibility for Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) through the creation of high quality, consistent and differentiated communications that reflect our brand platform.

Download the TalTech Brand Guidelines (PDF)

Please coordinate the use of the logos with the TalTech Marketing and Communications Division (pr@taltech.ee).

The logos of the Schools, Departmens and other units are available here.

TalTech logo

Please coordinate the use of logos with the university's marketing and communication department (turkom@taltech.ee).

TalTech Kliimaneutraalne 2035 RGB logo

There are many different images for title slides and section headers attached to the presentations. Please select the pictures you like to use and delete any unnecessary title slides and section headers. It is also possible to use personal images. To do this, please delete the existing image on the title slide or a section header, add the desired picture ("Insert picture"), and then click "Send to back" on the image. Please contact the University's Marketing and Communications Department (turkom@taltech.ee) for additional powerpoint slide templates.

  • It is laid down in the Statutes that the official name of the university is Tallinna Tehnikaülikool and the short name is TalTech. These forms must be used in the university’s brand guidelines and various design solutions. The official name of the university in English is Tallinn University of Technology.
  • According to the current practice in Tallinn University of Technology and the Regulations on Acknowledgement and Insignia, the members of the university may use all the previous names and acronyms of the university, as well as the abbreviation TTÜ in accordance with the Estonian language rules, when expressing on their own behalf. The works of art, monuments and landmarks on the university’s territory that have symbolic value are an important part of history and the university shall ensure their dignified preservation.
  • In official documents and recognition, in official communications sent out from the university, as well as in press releases, the official name Tallinn University of Technology must be used first. If the short name TalTech is used in addition to the full name, it must first be presented in brackets after the full name and thereafter be used in reasonable proportion to the full name. In addition to the full name, the name University of Technology (Tehnikaülikool) can be used – the capital letters refer to the concrete university.
  • In all kinds of presentation materials, incl. lecture materials and definitely on the opening and closing slides, the researchers, teaching staff and support staff must use the official name Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinna Tehnikaülikool) in accordance with the Brand Guidelines. The presentation templates can be found on the intranet.
  • In advertisements and banners, the good advertising practice should be followed and duplication should be avoided. If the TalTech logo is used in a design, the short name need not be written out separately. If the number of characters is limited, the short name may be used in an advertisement.
  • In different channels, the university’s short name  must be used  according to uniform principles and by following the social media best practices.
  • In Estonian sentences, it is recommended to decline the short name TalTech without an apostrophe in accordance with the rules of declension in Estonian. When using the brand and logo separately (e.g. on the Facebook cover page), the undeclined original name is preferred, e.g. TalTech Inseneriteaduskond, TalTech Korvpall, etc. See the rules of declension of the short name TalTech in Estonian HERE;
  • The short name TalTech is pronounced either [taltek] or [talteh].

In order to harmonize the visuals of TalTech's digital environments, TalTech has created a stylebook for digital environments that can be used by the various parties that come into contact with TalTech's web solutions for the purpose of creating design.

See the Digital Environments design system here

A library of components (Storybook) has also been created based on the style book of TalTech digital environments. Access to the code of the component library is given to development partners related to the university, to get access, please contact anne-ly.nguyen@taltech.ee.

See the component library (Storybook) here

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