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The International Business Administration programme offers students a robust understanding of modern business practices, and the leadership skills needed to stay competitive in today’s global business landscape.

  • They say “your network is your net worth.” TalTech students will build a network of loyal friends and confidants, community connections which can lead to a wealth of opportunity.
  • The International Business Administration Course will prepare you for immediate work anywhere, regardless of geographical or cultural restraints. All courses are taught by seasoned professors with international backgrounds.
  • When you invest time and energy into your studies, you can expect well beyond the monetary. And you can do it all while living in Estonia, one of the most innovative and technologically advanced countries in the world.
  • Estonia is named ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired magazine. If you want to experience the future right now, TalTech is your best chance.


We are being replaced by machines and algorithms. Robots are taking over all kinds of jobs, and the chances of meeting a human cashier or mail carrier in 10 years are slim.

Movies like Terminator 2 and Demolition Man depict an extreme and bleak version of the future, but the overall message speaks volumes: If we want to survive, we’ll need to re-think everything about the way we live, and understand how to make technology work for us.

The know-how we provide you with at TalTech knows no boundaries -- we’ll give you skills that apply almost anywhere, and at any time. We will prepare you for every challenge you might face in the rapidly developing business environment, whether you plan to work as a corporate executive in New Zealand or a marketing specialist in the United States.

The International Business Administration course will make you a leader that humans and robots want to follow. There will always be a demand for intelligent, educated, and informed humans like you!


Students for TalTech international study programmes are admitted based on the admission threshold. The maximum score for online application and interview is 10 points. The online interview is based on the information you have provided in the motivation letter. An applicant who receives the minimum of 5 points is admitted.

Programme Specific Requirements

Bachelor's degree or equivalent in economics/business or at least 36 ECTS in business courses such as:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Basic Marketing
  • Basic Finance Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Logistics and Inventory Management

In order to qualify for the studies in Tallinn University of Technology an applicant has to have at least 60% of the highest possible CGPA.

In order to apply, a candidate is required to upload a Test-taker Score Report of the GRE General Test to the DreamApply application system. The test has to be completed but there is no threshold score required for this programme.

This is a prerequisite for qualifying and has to be fulfilled latest by the application deadline.

Candidates who have obtained a full Bachelor's degree in EU, EFTA or OECD member state are waived from the GRE requirement.

Please see more information about our GRE General Test requirement here, including the exact eligibility criteria for being exempted from this prerequisite and how to order the test result electronically to TalTech.

Motivation letter must address the following items:

  1. Provide an explanation, why you apply for International Business Administration programme – what are your interests and why do you want to study at the TalTech School of Business and Governance?
  2. What are your professional goals and how the degree programme supports them?
  3. How does your academic and/or professional background fit into the degree programme you are applying for?

NB! It is important to properly cite and reference any sources used in your motivation letter (quotations, publications, ideas etc. that are not your own). Neglecting the rules of referencing and citation is considered plagiarism and will result in the disqualification of your application.

Topics covered during the interview:

  1. Previous education (work experience), career and their connection with International Business Administration programme.
  2. Motivation to study on the programme, the aim of the studies and reasons for choosing this programme, alternatives. A motivation for passing the curriculum with the nominal period.
  3. The role played by the studies and education to be obtained in ones personal career model, how does passing the International Business Administration Programme contribute to one’s career.
  4. Potential topic for the thesis and personal interest in particular research topics (writing a thesis on the discussed topics is not required).

Duration of the interview is approximately 15 minutes.


Our programme has two specialisations: International Business Administration, and Marketing and Sales Management.

Regardless of your specialisation, we'll arm you with every tool needed to launch a successful career in business and/or marketing. All you need to do is work hard and pay attention.

You will study the basics of international marketing, strategic management, business planning, and execution. You will be limited only by your imagination: think big and you’ll make an impact. But most importantly: make your studies your number one priority, we will show you the tools, but only you can learn how to use them.

We’ll give you the tools you need to kick your big ideas into action.

The school starts usually at 16:00 and ends at 21:00.

Key topics: Strategic Leadership, Export Management, International Business, Business Trends, Logistics, Business Management.

The definition of what makes an effective corporate leader has broadened over time, with more executive leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies within reach to everyone, regardless of their cultural or geographic background.

We'll give you what you need to work in almost any company in any country in the world, from global enterprises to small start-ups. With a little focus and determination, you'll learn what you need to help businesses in your preferred sector to thrive.

From business fundamentals to structuring to high-level decision-making, we cover all the basics in a contemporary context not offered by most institutions.

As students build skills in areas like Organizational Culture, Business Technology, and Corporate Strategy, they’ll learn how these are applied in contemporary settings. TalTech offers students exactly what they need to become competent and efficient leaders familiar with modern workplace philosophies and methods.

Whether your focus is in international markets, sales, or marketing, you'll develop the expertise necessary to run a thriving business through hands-on learning opportunities taught by exceptional staff and professors.

Seminars and workshops allow learning to be applied in a real-world context, offering students the chance to learn beyond the textbook.

TalTech works with many renowned guest speakers and international tutors who will guide you through specific foreign markets, and maybe even connect you with job opportunities.

Key topics: International Marketing, Market Research, Strategic Marketing, Product Design, Digital Marketing, Sales Management.

Businesses are vulnerable to so many forces today. As intellectual property theft is almost inevitable, innovative marketing is playing an increasingly critical role in any business scenario.

Any savvy business person needs to be able to think creatively, come up with solutions which surpass the competition. After all, anybody can buy an ad in a newspaper, but very few can pull off a winning marketing strategy.

At TalTech, you will become a crafty marketing professional, ready for the most complex challenges. You will learn how to design effective marketing plans and concepts, execute highly-targeted digital campaigns, and manage social platforms.

“Engaging people is about meeting their needs – not yours,” American author Tony Robbins has said. He is right: knowing your customer is key. With a little help from your TalTech friends, you will become a competent analyst ready to lead and execute comprehensive market research.

You will study the concepts behind buying behavior and consumer purchasing patterns, brand management, and sales. As an accomplished negotiator and business developer, you’ll graduate feeling confident that you can close any deal.

As competition gets tougher by the day, sales and marketing are playing an increasingly vital part of any business. To be successful, you need to see the connections between products and prospective customers. TalTech will give you tools to do just that: our graduates are exceedingly attractive applicants for top jobs in sales and marketing all around the world.

As a skilled Business Analyst and Marketing Strategist, you’ll be an irreplaceable asset to any organization.

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Why study international business administration in TalTech?

Many universities offer courses in international business, but why settle for good when the best is within reach?

  • Our course combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, making you a desired professional in the contemporary labor market. You will be taught by the best technical and business experts.
  • The International Business Administration programme will equip you with everything you need to make a lasting mark in global business. TalTech graduates regularly get recruited by business managers around the world.
  • The world is becoming smaller and smaller, and finding a niche is instrumental for any business, young start-up, or a multinational corporation. As we encourage specializations as well as flexibility, we'll expose you to a variety of subjects so that you can then tailor each programme according to your own learning and career goals.
  • In today’s world, experience is everything. The International Business Administration course meets the standards and requirements of the rapidly globalizing world and you will have access to a myriad of international research projects as well as European Union related endeavors.
  • Estonia is one the most digital societies in the world. We are a country that believes in entrepreneurship and studying business here is only natural.
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Future career

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

There are generally two types of people in the world: Those who create and build new solutions, and those who follow.

We stand by our commitment to helping individuals not just be competent professionals, but inspiring leaders who are willing to take risks with new ideas.

Who will you become after graduation?

The specialisation in International Business teaches you to see the main functions of a company in an international context. We give you a global mindset to help you operate successfully in global markets. You will gain in-depth knowledge of business and export management and have all the prerequisites to become a top manager in an international organization.

Marketing and sales are the most important parts of every company, as competition in global markets is intensifying. To be successful, you need to find shortcuts between potential customers and products and services. After completing the TalTech programme, you will have all the prerequisites to become an organisation's marketing or sales manager. You can be responsible for managing a company's sales revenue and customer relations and marketing. In addition, you can analyze results and reshape corporate strategies and policies.

Interviews with students and graduates

Anna Christina Reite, an international business administration student, believes that the curriculum considers the true potential people have.
Read interview with her here


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Never before has social change been so swift and profound than in the 21st Century.

Today’s jobs are unlikely to exist tomorrow, and traditional business philosophies and practices are quickly becoming impractical and unsustainable.

We can tailor our International Business Administration Programme to meet your unique learning goals and preferences.

Are you ready to change the world?

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