Tallinn University of Technology

Who we are

The Centre for Hardware Security was a research group led by professor Samuel Pagliarini (https://ati.ttu.ee/~spagliar/).

From late 2019 to early 2024, the Centre and its researchers obtained multiple national and international awards, published dozens of papers in high-quality venues, and fabricated numerous chips.  

What we do

The Centre for Hardware Security conducts research in all applied aspects of hardware security: the aim is to validate security techniques in real silicon. The Centre's research on integrated circuit (IC) design, electronic design automation (EDA), and cryptographic hardware enables trustworthy IC-based systems to be built. Threats such as hardware Trojans, reverse engineering, circuit (de)obfuscation, IP piracy, IC overbuilding, side-channel attacks, etc., are addressed through an array of technical countermeasures. A portfolio of the chips designed at the Centre is available here.

Contact information

Professor Pagliarini is now at Carnegie Mellon University and can be reached by email (lastname@cmu.edu).