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Communicative Electronics

Program ManagerAndres Eek
Assistant to Program Manager: Jane Rang
Study programme code: IVEM

The content of the curriculum can be found HERE!


Possible future work positions for the Communicative Electronics graduates include: designer of computer or automation systems and components, designer of electronics, monitoring and communication systems and their components, senior engineer, hardware developer, project manager, software engineer, etc. When choosing a place for internship, metioned fields can serve as an example.

In order to pass the course Practical Training (Practical Training, IEP1020 or Teaching Practice, IEP1030):

Internship coordinator for the curriculum is Andres Eek. Internship coordinator is an advisor, who, if necessary, recommends a place for internship, and explains and specifies the requirements for an internship.


General information:

Deadlines for defending the thesis in AUTUMN SEMESTER of the 2024/2025 study year:

August 20 - September 9, 2024 - deadline for submitting the thesis declaration.

September 23, 2024 - deadline for submission of thesis task specification. The task specification form can be found HERE.

Send to Jane Rang and please include your supervisor in the letter CC. Task specification form! Please name the file as follows: Task_specification_Surname_Student code.

December 16, 2024, at 23:59  - deadline for submitting the application for the defense of graduation thesis in Study Information System. NB! This is a very strict deadline, don’t miss it! Instruction on how to properly fill your application for graduation thesis defense in OIS!

January 3, 2025, at 23:59 - deadline for submitting a Master's thesis electronic version in Moodle.

January 6, 2025 - approval of the applications for defence by the supervisor.

January 2025 - defenses of Master´s thesis.