Tallinn University of Technology

Council of the department

A department council is an academic decision-making body of the department, which discusses the department’s strategic development, membership and budget, and provides an assessment of the implementation of the school’s action plan and execution of the budget. The council also makes proposals to the head of the department, the dean and the Rector’s Office concerning the school and the department. The council is chaired by the head of the department.

Members of the council:

  1. Margus Kruus, director, head of the council
  2. Peeter Ellervee, professor
  3. Maksim Jenihhin, professor
  4. Gert Jervan, professor
  5. Maarja Kruusmaa, professor
  6. Samuel Nascimento Pagliarini, professor
  7. Eduard Petlenkov, professor
  8. Jaan Raik, professor
  9. Jeffrey Andrew Tuhtan, professor
  10. Jaanus Joasoo, project manager
  11. Mairo Leier, senior research scientist
  12. Tarmo Robal, research scientist
  13. Asko Ristolainen, senior research scientist
  14. Aleksei Tepljakov, research scientist
  15. Hardi Selg, PhD students' representative

The membership of the Council is appointed until 31 August 2025.