Tallinn University of Technology

Climate Change Mitigation with CCS and CCU Technologies (ClimMit)

  • RiTa Grant No. RITA1/02-20
  • 2019–2021
  • Project Leader: Alar Konist
  • Head of Economic Analysis Work Package: Aaro Hazak
  • Funding 947,370 EUR
  • Consortium: Tallinn University of Technology (coordinator) and University of Tartu

Estonia has one of the highest per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rates and carbon-intensity levels in the EU. To decrease GHG emissions sharply, the best options for implementing carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies must be identified. The main goal of the project is to assess the suitability of various CCU technologies and develop scenarios for adopting these in the Estonian oil shale industry. Also, environmental effects of the most promising solutions are studied along with the technological and economic capacities for utilizing captured CO2 in other industries. Economic analysis focuses on differences in per unit costs of alternative capturing technologies, their sensitivity to CO2 quota and electricity prices and investment subsidising needs as well as export markets for Estonian captured CO2. The project results in a multifaceted overview of the feasibility of investing in carbon capture infrastructure to help to minimize GHG from the oil shale industry in Estonia.