Tallinn University of Technology

Defended doctoral theses

Name Year Title Supervisors
Aaro Hazak 2008 Capital Structure and Dividend Decisions Under Distributed Profit Taxation Enn Listra
Laivi Laidroo 2008 Public Announcements’ Relevance, Quality and Determinants on Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius Stock Exchanges Enn Listra
Martti Randveer 2009 Monetary Policy Transmission Channels, Flexibility of the Economy and Future Prospects of the Estonian Monetary System Kaie Kerem
Kaire Põder 2010 Structural Solutions to Social Traps: Formal and Informal Institutions Kaie Kerem, Alari Purju
Tõnn Talpsepp 2010 Investor Behavior and Volatility Asymmetry  Karsten Staehr
Igor Novikov 2011 Credit risk determinants in the banking sectors of the Baltic States Grigori Fainštein
Mari Avarmaa 2012 Implications of Capital Structure and Credit Constraints for Company Performance: A Comparative Study of Local and Multinational Companies in the Baltics Aaro Hazak, Kadri Männasoo
Fabio Filipozzi 2012 The efficiency of interest rate and foreign exchange markets in the euro area and Central and Eastern Europe Karsten Staehr
Aleksei Netšunajev 2012 Developments and Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade in the Baltic States Grigori Fainštein
Svetlana Raudonen 2014 Impact of Corporate Taxation on Foreign Investments: Evidence from European Union Enn Listra, Andreas Freytag
Merike Kukk 2016 Essays on Household Consumption and Income Underreporting Karsten Staehr
Peeter Maripuu 2017 Cyclicality, Corporate Investments and Financial Soundness: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries Kadri Männasoo, Aaro Hazak
Simona Ferraro 2018 Essays on Education and Labour Economics Karin Jõeveer, Karsten Staehr, Kaire Põder
Kristjan Liivamägi 2018 Education and Investor Behaviour Tõnn Talpsepp, Mei Wang
Tarvo Vaarmets 2019 Investor Decisions and the Path to the Stock Market Tõnn Talpsepp
Signe Rosenberg 2020 Essays on Housing, Monetary Policy and Consumption Karsten Staehr, Merike Kukk, Lenno Uusküla
Raul Ruubel 2020 Working Schedules and Efficient Time-Use in R&D Work Aaro Hazak, Kadri Männasoo
Natalia Levenko 2020 Uncertainty and Measurement in Macroeconomics Karsten Staehr
Svetlana Ridala 2021 Essays on Language Skills and Labour Market Outcomes Kadri Männasoo, Ott-Siim Toomet, Ants Aasma
Kersti Harkmann 2021 Essays on Volatility and Contagion in Financial Markets Karsten Staehr
Nicolas Andreas Reigl 2022 Essays on Applied Macroeconomics, Banking and Financial Stability Karsten Staehr, Lenno Uusküla
Mari-Liis Kukk 2022 Monetary Return Crowdfunding: Social Roots but Real Losses Laivi Laidroo, Mari Avarmaa
Triinu Tapver 2022 Essays on Bank Governance and Mutual Fund Performance Laivi Laidroo, Karin Jõeveer
Pavlo Illiashenko 2023 Essays in Behavioral Finance: National Culture and Economic Populism Laivi Laidroo, Tõnn Talpsepp
Helery Tasane 2023 Institutions and Innovativeness of SMEs Aaro Hazak, Kadri Männasoo

Simona Ferraro PhD Defence
Simona Ferraro with the members of the defence committee (from left Tairi Rõõm, Mari Avarmaa, Merike Kukk, Simona Ferraro, Linas Tarasonis, Kristof de Witte, Aaro Hazak)