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The Bachelor’s study programme Earth Systems, Climate and Technologies and Master’s study programme Earth Systems and Geotechnology of TalTech Department of Geology have been created for young people interested in natural sciences, innovation, information technology and the discovery of the world below our feet.

Information technology, drones, the 3D virtual world as well as a strong international career perspective offer extraordinary opportunities in geology and mining – the field still mistakenly associated only with the oil-shale industry. The whole world is open to Estonian geologists, they use the most modern technology and the demand for the future workforce is high, already among those still studying.

The programmes are in Estonian, but some courses can also be taken in English. Please consult the Programme Director Leeli Amon.


For ERASMUS Students

The Raw Materials sector provides many opportunities for green(er) technologies through which production of raw materials can be more sustainable. Mining waste is no longer debris we can heap up and leave to decay; it is a new resource that we need to investigate to find new use for. Combine this with new business models and we are close to circular economy in the Raw Materials sector!

TalTech Department of Geology has put together a specialised selection of courses from across the university to challenge these issues in the Raw Materials sector and will gladly host ERASMUS exchange students from all over the world.

Check it out!

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The bachelor's and master's degree programs in georesources include a mandatory internship of at least 4 weeks of full-time work in a company or institution. More detailed information on internship subjects, volumes and credits is available in the study information system. Popular internships among our students are engineering offices, mining and environmental companies, and government agenciesResearch-focused students also have the opportunity to do an internship at the institute with some research groups in fieldwork and laboratories.