Tallinn University of Technology

LAITech2022 Student Conference

Dear participants and attendees. Thank you all for your support and great disposition!
All the certificates of participation are ready for collection and/or distribution. The process for deciding on the recipients of the best contribution awards has also been completed.
The criteria applied by 5 reviewers were novelty, research design and approach, topicality, complexity and readiness, and its delivery according to each of the three formats available. 

Other special recognition certificates have been issued to various other authors.

First place for his excellent presentation, high level or readiness and depth of content, interdisciplinary research approach and clear and comprehensive delivery:  
Istvan Üveges - Monitoring plain language in legal texts.

Second place presenting an extended abstract and a poster, for their excellent presentations and delivery, comprehensive overview and viability of arguments, interdisciplinary approach and potential to be developed as research papers, and readiness, respectively:
Özden Serinay - Cyberbullying and AI controls, and Pablo Martinez-Ramil - Discriminatory algorithms: the means to achieving a legitimate aim.

Third place, presenting an extended proposal and a poster, for an outstanding presentation, comprehensive coverage or the matter, topicality and potential to be developed as a full-length research paper: 
Benedetta Veneruso – The gender data bias: an inclusive look into data discrimination in the public sector. PDF files with the presentations: