Tallinn University of Technology

The Estonian Academy of Sciences is honoured to convene the 17th Baltic Conference on Intellectual Cooperation (BCIC) in Tallinn on 28–29 June 2021. The event includes a meeting of the Presidents of Academies around the Baltic Sea and the Pre-seminar on Energetics organized by TalTech. 

Pre-seminar on Energetics takes place on the 28th of June at 10-12. The conference starts on the 28th of June at 13 and ends on the 29th of June at 13. 

The main theme of the conference  is motivated by massive contribution of many scientists to the analysis of processes during the COVID-19 pandemic and the design of the exit strategy of this pandemic. While the efforts of medical experts and life scientists have been widely recognised, the related developments in exact sciences, informatics, and engineering are still to be acknowledged and appreciated. The conference has a wider focus, covering the applications of mathematics in several fields, from policy to genetics.


Conference will be held in English. Follow the live broadcast of the Conference on the Estonian Academy of Sciences´s webpage.

The event will be both online and at the Estonian Academy of Sciences (Kohtu 6, Tallinn)