Tallinn University of Technology

The Smart City Exchange Forum is the annual event of FinEst Centre created with an intent to offer a platform for knowledge transfer and discussions about practical as well as more theoretical issues related to smart city research and practice. Also to offer visibility to the up- and coming researchers in the Smart City field.  

smart City Exchange forum

The Forum is currently a hybrid online event due to the COVID pandemics but with the hope of becoming an important meeting point for all the smart city stakeholders from research, local and national governments, citizen communities and private sector partners in near future.  

The aim of the Forum is to communicate the research content of FinEst Centre and to enhance cooperation and networking between researchers from Estonia and Finland as well as between cities, policy makers, citizens, NGO-s, SMES and other relevant stakeholders for developing sustainable, resilient and smarter urban environments. Share practical and interesting examples from other cities and institutions as well as to ask critical questions about the Smart City transition processes.  

Learn more: www.finestcentre.eu/forum