Tallinn University of Technology

The exhibition titled “Archipelago” is up in the library’s glass gallery until May 2. On display are works made by the 5th year students of the Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies of TalTech.


The design brief specified that students had to create an archipelago (also known as an island group) in the Tallinn Bay. The group of new artificial islands had to be something extraordinary and new, but its unusual appearance or function had to be justified. Each student had to pick one of the islands in that archipelago they envisioned and design that island following the urban planning process. The island had to be an autonomous and separate unit with its own main square and main street.

21 students are represented through their work: Epp Ainelo, Alo Sidorov, Jelena Kazak, Kristel Sepp, Vladislav Kalames, Merli Virki, Elina Loit/Birgit Vider, Karl-Johan Jakobson, Arthur F. Narusberk, Ahto Aasma, Saamuel Rammo, Tristen Vardja, Elis Märks, Tauri Tamme, Marta Volchek, Ervin Golvih, Anna Solts, Martin Ant, Kaire Koidu, Daniella Ljahh.

Supervisors: Ignar Fjuk and Jaak-Adam Looveer