Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech Legal Lab, The Embassy of Poland and The Polish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce are inviting you to a conference called Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity. Connecting Three Seas Initiative Countries. The conference takes place on November 3rd 2022 at Mektory (Raja 15) from 9.30–14.30. Experts from Poland and Estonia are going to discuss different aspects of Estonia’s and Poland’s lessons with cyberattacks, cybersecurity in AI-based solutions and recent cyberattacks in Ukraine and Germany.

Cybersecurity conference poster

There are three panels:

1. AI & security in public service – Estonia’s and Poland’s lessons with handling cyberattacks in public sector. Legal and non-legal aspects.

2. Will AI take over the business? – How to ensure cybersecurity in AI-based solutions?

3. Attack is the secret of defense – New defense weapons in cybersecurity.

Among others, Tea Kookmaa from TalTech Legal Lab, Laura Oolup from the Ministry of Defense and Liina Kamm from Cybernetica will appear on stage. The conference will be opened by Polish ambassador Grzegorz Kozłowski.

Here is the link to the conference’s webpage where you can see the timetable and register yourself. See you at the conference!