Tallinn University of Technology

January 14th – February 28th an exhibition Books from the talk show Plekktrumm is open in the library’s 2nd floor reading area.

Plekktrumm is a weekly talk show on ETV2 where the show’s host Joonas Hellerma discusses various cultural topics with the show’s guest. The title of the show is derived from Günther Grass’ novel The Tin Drum, which is an unexpected but excellent story about people, history, politics, and religion. A six-series special Books of Plekktrumm aired in the winter of 2020/2021. During the special series, the host and his guests spoke about current topics that arose from some great examples of Estonian literature, new translated books, and essays. At the end of each episode, the guests recommended books and cultural topics that people could look into. The current exhibition presents a selection of books that were discussed or recommended by the guests in Plekktrumm and Books of Plekktrumm.

You are welcome to read and browse the books that are on display. If you wish to read further at home, please borrow another copy of the book or ask the library’s service centre to add you to the waiting list.

Teosed "plekktrummi" kõlas

The exhibition was compiled by Annaliina Aavik, Kelli Luik and Katri Mägi.