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The call for submitting the preliminary applications for proof-of-concept grants is open to researchers from 4 to 22 January.

In this call, approximately six proof-of-concept grants will be awarded for next year and the same number of grants for 2022 in advance, since no call will take place then. For both years, 600,000 euros is going to be distributed.

It is possible to apply for a proof-of-concept grant for one year and the maximum amount for one project is 100,000 euros. The prerequisite for applying is that the previous research of the applicant has achieved a higher technology readiness level.

Applying for a proof-of-concept grant follows a two-stage evaluation scheme. The evaluation results of preliminary applications will be announced at the beginning of February next year. The second stage of the application process takes place from 8 to 26 February, during which time full applications can be submitted. The preliminary decisions to approve or not to approve the applications submitted during the second stage of the application process will presumably be announced by the Council at the beginning of May and the final funding decisions by the end of May.

A proof-of-concept grant is a one-year competency-based research funding instrument for experimental development aimed at enhancing technology transfer, creating conditions for the commercialisation and application of research outcomes both in enterprises and in the society at large, as well as strengthening the societal and economic impact of research.

The previous and the first call for proof-of-concept grants in Estonia took place in 2019, when eight proof-of-concept grants were awarded. The call taking place next year is therefore the second one. The applications will be processed by the Estonian Research Council and the funding for proof-of-concept grants will come from the state budget through the Ministry of Education and Research.

The applications can be submitted via the Estonian Research Information System ETIS. More detailed information regarding the call can be found on the website of the Council.

Additional information:
Rebekka Vedina
Research Funding Officer
+372 5697 6673 rebekka.vedina@etag.ee