Tallinn University of Technology

The future belongs the ones who are not afraid to try it, explore and question it - to turn it inside out. Tallinn University of Technology, University of Tartu and AS Cybernetica invite you to the EXCITE conference on 9 March 2022 at Proto Avastustehas Nobel hall. Together we look at the future and formulate the challenges and goals of the next year in the field of IT, that the Estonian e-tiger could start striving for. 


11.30 – 13.00 Gathering and lunch

13.00 – 13.10 EXCITE – why and to whom? Ivo Fridolin, TalTech

13.10 – 14.30 Newest develpment in ICT and the expectations and cooperation options from the ICT sector 

  • European digital sovereighnity initiative and its implications to Estonian digital goals. Linnar Viik
  • Where is IT in energy? Juri Belikov, TalTech
  • On the path to trustworthy AI. Meelis Kull, University of Tartu
  • Privacy, distributed databases and digital sovereighnity.

14.30 – 14.45 Coffee break

14.45 – 16.00 Panel discussion – basic science vs applied science in IT - an innovative fuel for the engine of the sciencebased economy

16.00 – 17.00 Follow-up with snacks and a glass of wine

The conference will be moderated by Johannes Tralla.

The conference will be in Estonian with simultaneous translation into English.

The EXCITE Center of Excellence has brought together the absolute best of the Estonian IT-sector. EXCITE researchers use scientific methods to develop secure and realiable ICT systems, deploying them whereever possible - with the focus areas such as healthcare, safety, environmental protection, banking and more.

The conference is free of charge to registered participants. Please register by 7 March 2022 the latest here

More information and registration

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