Tallinn University of Technology

The deadline for application for the Development of the Year 2020 award of Tallinn University of Technology is 20 January 2021. To participate in the competition for the Development of the Year award, submit a motivated proposal in compliance with the Regulations on Acknowledgement and Insignia to the Innovation and Business Center by 20 January 2021 at the latest.

The robot ship NYMO developed by the research group composed of Heigo Mõlder, Tanel Jalakas, Indrek Roasto, Taavi Möller won the Development of the Year award last year.

The competition for the Development of the Year is open to all the members of the university staff and research groups consisting of members of the university staff. Each person or research group has the right to submit one research paper for the competition.

A motivated proposal of up to three pages meeting the terms and conditions provided for in § 14 of the Regulations on Acknowledgement and Insignia shall be submitted to the Innovation and Business Center by 20 January 2021. In addition, opinion of the private or public sector using the research results with regard to effectiveness of implementation of the research results and extracts of media coverage of the research may be submitted.

A development must: 

  1. have been completed successfully in the year of announcement of the competition or in the year preceding it;
  2. be innovative and its results must be aimed at increasing economic competitiveness and planned to be implemented or already implemented in production or services.

The expert committee shall assess the developments based on the following criteria: 

  1. the development results in application of novel knowledge (a product, technology, service, etc.) developed at the university or emergence of new business activities, the development or improvement of the existing ones;
  2. a contract between the university and another person has been concluded for the development or use of a product, technology or service;
  3. the development or its results have been published in a peer-reviewed scientific publication.

The committee is entitled not to take into account all the listed criteria and, if necessary, to ask applicants for further information. The rules of procedure of the expert committee shall be determined by the members of the committee by their mutual agreement.

The Development of the Year will be selected by an expert committee established by the Vice-Rector for Entrepreneurship. The committee will confirm the results on 10 February 2021.
TalTech Innovation and Business Centre Mektory
Project Manager Ilmar Härg