Tallinn University of Technology

The Estonian Center for Safe and Trustworthy AI (ECSTAI) project team together with the Estonian Research Agency bureau in Brussels are hosting a networking Seminar “European leadership in Secure and Trustworthy AI” followed by a networking session in Brussels on 14th of February, 2024.

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The aim of the event is to highlight the growing importance of AI correctness, security and ethical deployment in questions regarding societal innovation. These three core themes will also be the focal topics of the upcoming center. 

An introduction to the event will be made by the TalTech Vice-Rector for Research, Tiit Lukk, and the Deputy Permanent Representative to the Estonian Permanent Repersentation to the EU, Marten Kokk. The keynote speeches will focus on European AI strategy, the Estonian experience and the research perspective and speakers include AI specialists from the public sector and the European Commission as well as professors of partner universities. The keynote speakers will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic “Correct, Secure and Ethical AI” which will be moderated by former IT and Foreign Trade Minister, Kaimar Karu

The Estonian Center for Safe and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (ECSTAI) research center will focus on the three core areas of artificial intelligence: correctness, security and ethical deployment. Through these focus areas, ECSTAI will contribute to AI innovation and development horisontally and in a variety of fields including health, education and the economy. ECSTAI is a comprehensive and dynamic platform, which will bring together the private and public sector and academia to ensure AI innovation and development is based on safety principles.  

Through involving some of the leading Estonian scholars and specialists in the field as well as our world-renowned partner universities from Germany (Technical University of Munich) and the Netherlands (Radboud University), ECSTAI will not only aim to shape Estonian discourse of AI Safety, but become an international frontrunner in research and development in this field. 

Program and registration here by February 8 the latest