Tallinn University of Technology

We are inviting everyone to join us in TalTech Assembly Hall on 13th of May to enjy Eurovision Grand Finale together!


* quiz
* predictions
* bar
* huge screen

18.30 - Eurovision quiz (in Estonian)
20.30 - Opening of the predictions
21.20 - Eurovision Kahoot (in English)
22.00 - Eurovision Grand Final
01.30 - approx. end

The rules of the Eurovision prediction: You can start with the predictions at 21:00 and you have predict the TOP 10 of the Grand Finale. 
Taking part from the prediction is 2 EUR/person

The points will be given out as follows:

Correct prediction - 2p
+- 1 difference - 1p
Correct winner - 5p
Correct TOP 3 (in correct order) - 10p

The winner of the predictions will get themselves a ticket to 2024 Eurovision Grand Final!