Tallinn University of Technology

To commemorate the 110th anniversary of the long-time professor at the Tallinn University of Technology, Karl Tihase, an exhibition Architect, Art Scholar, and Educator Karl Tihase 110 will open on 27 May in the gallery between the library and School of Business and Governance.

Karl Tihase was born in 1914 in Siberia to a family of Estonian emigrants. He received his higher education in architecture in Novosibirsk Institute. In 1948, Karl Tihase moved to Estonia and began working as a senior lecturer in the Department of Architecture at the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute (TPI). His main areas of research included Estonian farmhouses, rural architecture, and folk art. He was also the initiator and one of the founders of the Estonian Open Air Museum. In 1994, Karl Tihase was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Culture.

Karl Tihase