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Jõelähtme river is a left tributary of Jägala river. It is 46 kilometres long and starts in Rasivere village, then goes underground for 2,5 kilometres in Kostivere parish and emerges again near Jõelähtme’s old bridge, just across Narva Highway.

The photos of Aiki Tibar are inspired by trips to Kostivere karst area and the river in Jõelähtme village.

As can be seen from the photographs, it is exciting to discover the same places during different seasons. During a dry season, one can taste dewberries that grow in the riverbed in Kostivere karst area. The riverbank is a home to many well known and some of the less known plants, such as kingcup, purple loosestrife, yellow iris, and flowering rush. Many bird species also inhabit the area near the river or come to the river as guests to look for food.

The exhibition was compiled by Aiki Tibar, designed by Tiia Eikholm.

On display until 28 February 2021.

Jõelähtme jõe lummuses
Author Aiki Tibar