Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech professors Maarja Grossberg and Jüri Krustok received the National Research Award in February for their scientific articles ‘Optical spectroscopy of novel 2D and 3D multinary semiconductor compounds’ published from 2017–2020. In their articles, they explain how micro-additives affect the capacity of solar cell absorber materials to convert light into electricity. The researchers have created monocrystal and monograin materials, and the ultra-thin graphene-like semiconductors they have grown could become key materials for optoelectronic solutions in the future.

The illustrated posters give an overview of the world energy resources, actuality of solar energy, history and technology of solar panels, and the structure and practical applications of semiconductors. The photos show research instruments that the scientists use in their everyday work. The subject of their research is presented in the style of popular science.

In the vitrine are displayed short interviews with the laureates, a photo gallery of the teams with whom they work and who have contributed to the research. The exhibition also introduces the substances, compounds, and test materials and instruments that are required in the process of making solar panels. It is possible to read about sustainable technologies and the importance of solar energy in the green transition that is topical in the world now.

We soon hope to display videos and movies about the researchers’ work as a part of the exhibition.

The exhibition has been put together based on the research and teaching material of Prof. Maarja Grossberg and Prof. Jüri Krustok.

Compiled by Signe Jantson and Marita Paas, designed by Tiia Eikholm.

The exhibition is on display from 17 May to 30 September 2021.

More information: Signe Jantson, Marita Paas, tel. 620 5551

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