Tallinn University of Technology

The exhibition „Vector graphics is wonderful” is open from 1–31 October 2021 at the library's second floor reading area.

Vector graphics is a type of computer graphics that defines images in terms of points, which are connected by lines and curves to form shapes. A vector graphics image may be rotated and scaled up or down to any resolution with no aliasing. This means that an image will always have smooth edges regardless of its size.

Vector graphics is mainly used in creating schematics, diagrams, in logo and font design, and in video game development. Vector graphics is suitable for making illustrations that do not need to be photorealistic. Some of the most popular vector graphics editors are Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw.

The images at the current exhibition have been created using vector graphics and Inkscape editor. The author of the images is Hanna Laasberg.

Hanna is a self-taught artist who was born in 1990. She currently lives on the small and exotic Ruhnu island with her chubby cat called Pixel (the name goes well with computer graphics). She started creating vector graphics drawings in autumn 2013. Pure form and clear lines describe her work, which is typical of vector graphics. A couple of years ago she returned to

traditional art and started illustrating with drawing pens. The colourful and cheerful vector graphics images have been replaced by more darker and serious creations.

You can follow Hanna and her work on Instagram @hannalaasberg.

Rannet Tiivits helped to set up the exhibition. Design by Tiia Eikholm

Hanna Laasberg
Reading in the Tree. Hanna Laasberg