Tallinn University of Technology

U.S. Embassy in Tallinn is glad to announce the opportunity to open a position for inviting U.S. scholars/lecturers applying for the Fulbright Scholar Program, for the academic year of 2023-2024. We kindly ask you to return the position description to the U.S. Embassy by November 10, 2021.

The length of the grant for the U.S. scholar/position opening can be either for one term or full academic year, and the grant is fully supported by the U.S. Government. We kindly ask the host institution to take care of providing necessary framework structure for successful hosting (office, lectures, access to labs, etc), and provide administrative support for securing D-category visa. We appreciate if the host can help with securing an accommodation, however, no costs will be involved, since the Fulbright Scholar grant fully covers salary, accommodation, travel and health insurance for the successful U.S. Fulbright Scholar program participant.

Fulbright Scholar program is a competition – based on your position description a competition will open, and qualified candidates are invited to apply. We recommend adding as many details as needed and suggest adding the condition of the invite letter from the host institution for application eligibility. This ensures you’re able to screen potential applicants from the very early stages of the competition and make sure the qualification of the applicant is sufficient for your needs.

Once the competition round closes in U.S., the Embassy will be informed of the slate. The grants are administered by Council of International Exchange of Scholars – an organization administering the Fulbright program for the State Department. The Embassy will reach out to the potential hosts for final confirmations.

Here’s how we envision the timeline:
10/ 2021  U.S. Embassy in Tallinn is asking the hosts for position descriptions
12/ 2021  the position descriptions are forwarded to the CIES; a catalogue for positions is prepared
01/ 2022 Fulbright Scholar competition launch; interested scholars will start reaching out to the potential host institutions
10/ 2022  the competition closes; selection committees in coordination with CIES and State Department will conduct a review
12/ 2022  Principal and Alternate candidates are selected
01-02/ 2023  U.S. Embassy will be notified of the applicants’ rank Embassy will reach out to respective hosts for final confirmations
Spring/2023 preparations for arrival
Fall 2023/Winter 2024  U.S. Fulbright Scholars will resume their positions in Estonia

Please note that the request is not a named request. Number of applicants may apply for the single position description. This is, however, also a great opportunity to encourage contacts and colleagues from U.S. to consider applying. In general, Estonia can host 3-4 U.S. Fulbright Scholars per one academic year.

Description form
In case of questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the Embassy.
Please deliver position descriptions by November 10, 2021 to Jane Susi at the U.S. Embassy mailto:SusiJ@state.gov.