Tallinn University of Technology

Future of the Profession

A Conference on the Future of Architecture and Urban Planning

Rachel Armstrong | Theodore Spyropoulos
Danielle Quercia | Sami Niemelä | Kristi Grišakov

In Vabamu, on 3 December 2019

What is the field of architecture and urban planning going to look like when today’s students will be practicing? In the process of brainstorming its own evolution in the coming years, the TalTech Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies invites the wider architectural community to explore the potential scenarios.

The Future of the Profession conference aspires to initiate an open-ended conversation on the topic, involving academics and professionals from Estonia and beyond, with different backgrounds and viewpoints of the future. Beyond the sustainability considerations, the discussion touches on some key topics related to the built environment, such as artificial intelligence and advances in computation that have led to new opportunities in digital fabrication, as well as data analysis for smart cities and adaptation to climate change and demographics trends.

What is the status quo of the field at the dawn of the 21st century, how do we expect the professional landscape to change in the following fifty years? How would the role of the architect, urban planner or design professional change with it? The organisers hope that the event stimulates imaginative investigation, offering fresh insights into what is to come.

The conference is held on 3 December in Vabamu (Toompea 8, Tallinn. The conference day consists of two sessions, both the morning and the afternoon session contains presentations by guest speakers, concluded in a panel discussion. It is a public event, open to all who are interested in joining the discussion.


9.30 morning coffee, registration

10.00 welcome & introduction – Kimmo Lylykangas, Ioannis Lykouras, Veronika Valk-Siska

10.20 Rachel Armstrong

11.10 Kristi Grišakov

12.00 Morning Round Table

12.45 mingling lunch

13.30 Theodore Spyropoulos

14.20 Sami Niemelä

15.10 coffeebreak

15.30 Daniele Quercia

16.20 Afternoon Round Table

17.00 conclusions

Organiser: Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies, TalTech
Contact: Kärt Olli, kart.olli@taltech.ee.

Future of the Profession