Tallinn University of Technology

We are excited to announce that the second event of our Global Seminar Series on Kenya is open for everyone, and all are welcome to join us. This provides a platform for individuals interested in international relations, global affairs, or travel to come together, learn, and network.

Event: Global Seminar Series: Kenya
Speaker: Josephine Adhiambo Lusi
Moderator: Innar Liiv
Date: 26 April 2023
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: atrium of the 6th floor, ICT building

We are delighted to have Josephine Adhiambo Lusi, our brilliant eGov student, as our speaker. During the upcoming seminar, attendees can expect to learn about the country's type of government, demographics, major political topics, education, social issues, art and culture, connections to Estonia, recommended tourist destinations for scientists, and upcoming scientific events. This is an excellent opportunity to meet people with similar interests, learn about new cultures and histories, and network with scholars and professionals.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming event.
We look forward to seeing you at the Global Seminar Series.