Tallinn University of Technology

A build-a-thon is a hackathon for builders. We welcome all skills to build things you can see, touch and feel - electrical and mechanical engineers and product designers. And as every hardware project needs software skills, we also welcome software developers, UI/UX designers, product managers. All crazy ideas welcome! No business cases, no marketing campaigns, no startup pitching - we’re here to build!

The power and energy landscape is in crisis. How will energy producing, consumption and storing change in the near future (how are we going to survive the cold and expensive winter) and long term (how will the future homes, offices, urban spaces going to function to save, produce and store energy).

At the event we are looking for hardware solutions for home, office and urban space that will help us save, produce and/or store energy. This can be anything from a solar powered skateboard to connecting alternative sources of energy to the power grid. We welcome all creative ideas!

10 000 € prize pool for best ideas. 

  • best idea for urban space
  • the most futuristic idea
  • the best technical execution
  • special partner awards

Challenges announced soon! Collecting ideas and creating teams in Eventornado until 27 October. Build-A-Thon Energy weekend October 28-30.

Sing up and more info HERE.