Tallinn University of Technology

The Peter principle states that everyone rises until they reach the level where they are incompetent. How to make sure that university education is not that level for you? Some of the strategies and tips that work for most students are laid out in this lecture, as well as the science of why they work.

Hollandi Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA) haridusteaduste professor Martijn Meeter.

Martijn Meeter is a professor of education sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA), Netherlands. In recent years he served as director of the LEARN research institute (until 2019) and VUA teacher education (until 2021), and currently he is department chair. His research focuses on learning, using traditional methods of education research as well as techniques drawn from cognitive neuroscience, such as computational modelling and EEG. In the last two years, he was co-leader of a research program into learning decrements due to Covid-19, and efforts to mitigate these.

Students of TalTech and all people interested in effective learning are invited to listen to the lecture.

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