Tallinn University of Technology

At the conference 30 researchers from the University of Tartu, TalTech and Tallinn University will give an overview of the "hot" frontier research areas, development trends and state-of-the-art technologies in ICT and introduce collaboration opportunities with public and business sector. Conference will take place on-site and online on 4.-5. November 2021 at the Delta Centre of the University of Tartu.

Üritusel annavad ligi 30 teadlast Tartu Ülikoolist, TalTechist ja Tallinna Ülikoolist ülevaate IKT teaduse ja innovatsiooni uurimisvaldkondadest ning arendatavatest tipptehnoloogiatest, samuti tutvustatakse ettevõtetega koostöö võimalusi.

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Those are the areas covered during the conference, where broad cooperation between research, businesses and the state is the key to Estonian innovation capacity:

  • Data Science and Big Data
  • Trustworthy Software Technologies, prof Pawel Sobocinski (TalTech)
  • Internet of Intelligent Things, scientists of the Department of Computer Systems and Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics (TalTech)
  • Cyber Security, prof. Rain Ottis (TalTech)
  • Digital Transformation and Life Long Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Robot-Human Collaboration and Internet of Things in Industry Processes
  • Applied Hardware Security, prof Samuel Pagliarini (TalTech)

Conference presentations are in English.

The event takes place as a hybrid conference, which can be attended on-site at the University of Tartu Delta Centre (the event follows the current covid regulations). You can also follow presentations and participate in discussions online.

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The conference is organised in cooperation with University of Tartu, TalTech, Tallinn University, ITL, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Education and Youth Board as the coordinator of the IT Academy program. Participation is free of charge, organizational costs are covered by the IT Academy program.