Tallinn University of Technology

From January 15, glass artist Kateriin Rikken's personal exhibition "SÕÕM vol 3" is on display in the TalTech Library. The exhibition that made its debut in the HOP Gallery has now moved out of the gallery and into the public space, enabling a dialogue with the interior and the people there.

The starting point of the exhibition was glass artist Kateriin Rikken's desire to take a break, look at what she has done so far and think about where to go next. Relying on shoshin, the Japanese Zen Buddhist concept of approaching things with an open-minded attitude and a beginner's mindset, the artist cast aside his previous practice to experience a new will to create.

Exhibition “SÕÕM vol 3” features an installation that uses 63 green glass bottles collected from the landfill, Klubi Hall trash bins, Frenchy bistro, and friends. The bottles have been crushed using a special method so that the shards are not too sharp and have a similar shape. Old cardboard boxes, pipes, broken footballs, etc. are used as the base forms.

The artist has said: “The idea was not motivated by the desire to give the material a new life. I had a desire to play without limits, to feel free, fun and creative, to be in the moment, to enjoy, to take a breath of the feeling of freedom...”.

Kateriin Rikken (1983) is an Estonian glass artist. She graduated from the Department of Glass of the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA 2005, MA 2023) and studied glass design at the Royal Danish Academy in Denmark (BA 2010). She has worked in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian glass studios and since 2010 in her own glass studio. Kateriin has been an active curator at exhibitions and teaches glassblowing both at the EKA Department of Glass and at the Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics. She has featured in many local and international exhibitions, her works can be found in both private and museum collections in Estonia and Denmark.

Näitus SÕÕM