Tallinn University of Technology

November 1st, 2023 – January 7th, 2024 an exhibition The Minister of Literature recommends is open in the library’s 2nd floor reading area.

Thanks to the popular TV series Kirjandusministeerium (Ministry of Literature) on Estonian Television, the host Mart Juur probably carries the honorary title Minister of Literature for the rest of his life. Mart Juur is an Estonian humorist, journalist, music critic and a big book lover, who has also published several collections of jokes and stories himself. In addition, he is also the on-call reader of the TV series Prillitoos (Eyeglass Case), sharing valuable book recommendations twice a month. Since the "Minister of Literature" is familiar with almost all newly published literary works in Estonia, there is a reason to listen to his book recommendations. You are welcome to borrow the books that are on display at the library’s 2nd Floor service centre.
Reading makes you happy!

List of books displayed at the exhibition