Tallinn University of Technology

On the 7th of May 18:00 at Alexela Concert Hall, a Mothers' Day concert "Kasvamise Ilu" (The Beauty of Growth) by TalTech's cultural collectives will take place. 

Soloists: Liisi Koikson, Kalle Sepp and Kristjan Karmo

Cultural collectives: Academic Female Choir of Tallinn University of Technology, Academic Male Choir of Tallinn University of Technology, Chamber Choir of Tallinn University of Technology, Female Alumni Choir of Tallinn University of Technology, Engineers' Male Choir, Kuljus, the folk dance ensemble of Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University of Technology Wind Band, TalTech BigBand and Chamber Orcherstra of Tallinn University of Technology.

Tickets are available on Piletilevi

All the revenue from the concert will be donated to Ukraine.

Emadepäeva kontsert

Every beginning contains something beautiful, something complex, and something illuminating.

The students of Tallinn University of Technology are known for being enterprising and innovative, which is why TalTech’s cultural collectives have decided to give a joint spring concert that explores the beauty of beginnings and growth. The concert will tell the story of planting, sprouting, and growing, with a focus on environmental changes and nature conservation. In the summer, we will also be performing the concert at the student song and dance festival Gaudeamus with all of the other cultural collectives of Estonian universities. 

In addition, at the concert on 7 May, we wish to commemorate our origins and celebrate our mothers. After all, it is our mothers to whom we owe our first breaths on this earth as well as our first experiences, lessons, beliefs, and the ability to grow.

So thank you, dear mothers!