Tallinn University of Technology

Building scale models is a hobby that is best suited for people who are interested in history and different kind of technology that has been used throughout history and is still being utilized today. The number of small details also requires precision and patience. One can choose among different materials (wood, plastic, metal alloys, card stock) and types of scale models, which are typically aircraft, ships, cars, railways, and military vehicles. Individual objects can be placed in a setting or a specific scene, thus providing a historical context and dimension. In that case, the scene is called a diorama.

Näitus miniatuurne tehnika

In the current exhibition “Technology in miniature”, 59 military models, dioramas or figures in various scales can be seen. Different vehicles and weapons are represented, such as airplanes, submarines, artillery, various military vehicles, and other fascinating items. The original objects, after which the current representations have been modelled, are of different origin and have been used during different times, but quite many of them are a part of the military history of Estonia.

On display are works from six authors: Kalle Kindel, Meelis Kupits, Kristjan Lind, Levar Mikkiver, Urmas Plinkner, Karl Raba.

Exhibition idea: Kaarin Birk. Poster design by Tiia Eikholm, exhibition design by Kristjan Lind. The exhibition in the library’s second floor reading area will stay open until 2 April.