Tallinn University of Technology

The number 1 business incubator in the unicorn factory – Tehnopol Startup Incubator, invites all early-stage startups to apply for the new batch, starting in September. With experience in empowering founders for more than a decade, our common goal is to take your startup to the next level! Over 450 startups have passed our programs and raised over €25M first round investments with our help. Now it’s your chance!

Empowering your startup

What you'll get?

  • 6-part practical training program 
  • Personal dedicated key-mentor 
  • Partner deals worth €30k (Amazon, Deel, Miro, Notion, Stripe etc)
  • A supportive community, with valuable contacts and exclusive events
  • Opportunity to participate in international training and development programs 
  • Workspace in Tehnopol's modern open office

What we expect?

  • No monthly fee, only 2% of your equity in exchange for the program
  • An escalating technological business idea
  • A motivated team with the necessary skills
  • An MVP or prototype to be further developed
  • The ambition and will to work and truly conquer the world
  • You must register your company in Estonia (Startup Visa, e-Residency)

Your startup's success is our common goal – build a successful business, raise your first investment and become the next rising star with our support!

Find out more at www.startupincubator.ee/en and apply now!