Tallinn University of Technology

Rector's Cup orienteering is a team  orienteering, the goal of which is to collect the highest possible score during the control time by passing control points placed on the landscape.
Checkpoints are worth 5 points. The order of crossing points is free of choice - each team sets its own route. Some points are also located inside the buildings. In this kind of orienteering, it is not mandatory to pass a certain number of checkpoints - each team passes exactly as many kilometers and points as they like and can handle in one and a half hours.


Pre-registration until May 16, 2023 at 11:55 p.m. It is possible to register on the spot if there are free places.

You can register here: www.bit.ly/rektoriorienteerumine


18:00 - the competition center opens

18:45 - the starting area opens

19:00 - joint start (the map can only be viewed at the time of the start)

20:30 - end of control time (1.5 hours)

21:00 -award ceremony