Tallinn University of Technology

Mario Román García, the PhD student of the Department of Software Science, will defend his PhD thesis „Monoidal Context Theory“ on November 16, 2023, starting at 16:00. The defense will take place in room ICT-638 (Akadeemia tee 15a, ICT building of TalTech) and can be also followed via Zoom.

The mathematical description of processes is a relatively new branch of mathematics: we use diagrams to depict electrical networks, flowcharts or algorithms, but a unified mathematical formalism for these diagrams was only proposed in the 1970s, with category theory.

However, in a complex electrical network, or a complex intelligent system, we may not know how some of the components work - some components are only "black boxes". This thesis studies how diagrams with black boxes can be also given a mathematical description.

As a result of this thesis, we can develop a graphical programming language (where programs are diagrams!) and implement the language with multiple backends (e.g. a probabilistic version, or a concurrent version).

The thesis is published in the Digital Collection of TalTech Library.

Supervisor: prof Pawel Maria Sobocinski.


  • Guy McCusker, Professor of Computer Science, University of Bath, United Kingdom;
  • Paul Andre Mellies, CNRS Researcher, Université Paris Denis Diderot, France.

Follow public defence in Zoom

Meeting ID: 921 9753 0263
Passcode: 457721