Tallinn University of Technology

Ülemiste City is organising a future city themed conference in cooperation with the city of Tallinn called Ülemiste City Future Forum 2021 (8-10th of Septemnber) and we would be happy to invite you to take part of the 2-day (only physical hacking) hackathon #Hack4future.

Ülemiste City is the place where the future happens - it is the largest Smart City in the Baltics and biggest privately owned business campus in Northern Europe with 500 companies (mainly ICT based, education and health care organizations) nearby by international connections with the whole world (Rail Baltic Ülemiste Terminal, Tallinn Airport).

This year we are hosting a three-day co-creation festival Future Forum that can be considered as one of the most inspiring highlights of the year in Ülemiste City. The Future Forum aim is to turn Ülemiste City and Tallinn into a spot full of superb and versatile innovation by bringing together great ideas and valuable talents, companies, students and higher education institutions.

#HACK4FUTURE 8-9th of September 2021

What is the aim of the event?

Two-day international hackathon where talented students solve real-life business challenges presented by Ülemiste City companies.

Why to attend?

Amazing learning, collaboration and networking opportunity for students, universities and companies at the coolest smart business campus in the region.

Who should attend?

University students who wish to solve real-life business challenges and create the future together.

To get more info about the hackathon please pre-register before sunny summer is here: katrin.eha@eek.ee until 4th of July.